Serving our church body

The Austin Stone has a service once a month called First Tuesday, and it is one of my favorite things our church does. We meet, suitability enough, on the first Tuesday of every month for worship, group prayer and communion. It is a time where the presence of God is obvious, and the church focuses on Christ and His glory, not our own. It feeds my soul in a way nothing else does, and tonight we were able to serve the church in this month’s service.

Tonight Lindsey and I served communion1 with our missional community to The Austin Stone church body. It was a humbling experience and more affecting than I thought it would be.

Before the service we had a time of prayer with our community group and the stewards who coordinate this each month. Sharing prayers of confession, praise, humility and seeking God’s blessing was just as special to us.

Lindsey and I have performed communion at home for ourselves and for each other in our wedding ceremony, but never for other people. It was a moving experience, to stand next to my wife and hold the cup of juice2 symbolizing Christ’s blood for our church family. It was very emotional to see people come by one by one, take a piece of bread from Lindsey and dip it in the cup as I said to them, “This is Christ’s blood, shed for you.” It was truly humbling to be used by God to administer one of his ordinances of the faith.

It was a night full of blessings.

  1. In our Christian tradition any believer in good standing with their church can administer communion. We do not require a pastor or minister to administer the ordinances of communion or baptism. 
  2. We’re Baptists in the Bible belt, we have some traditions that don’t make sense. Actual wine is rarely used in Baptist churches in the South, but Lindsey and I use wine at home.