On the mend

If you saw Lindsey’s post yesterday you already know that I have been sick and that our dog is too. I read her post this morning and laughed about it quite a bit. She certainly has it right, I am a terrible patient. She is a great nurse though, and that helps immensely.

Lola is better, and I think she will be able to get her bandage off soon. She still limps around a bit, and it just breaks my heart.

I slept most of the day, and spent a small bit of time reading. Honestly, I still felt terrible. I don’t know if it is a cold, or flu, or what, but it was bad. A day of meds and sleep helped though, and by the time Lindsey got home I was out of bed and moving around. I was feeling a bit stir crazy being in the house so much over the last few days and I had to get out. Lindsey invited our friend Laura for dinner, and I was able to go get some takeout and join them for a bit.

I’ve been studying for the mid-term for my Men’s Development class for a few hours and I am about done. Bed and sleep are calling my name. I think I’m going to grab a book and head that way.

A picture is worth a thousand words

I am sure by now you are sick of hearing how much stuff we have to do, and how tired we are. I mean, I’m sick of hearing myself talk about it. But, the reality is that’s all I got tonight. So, I’m appealing to the cheap ploy of a cute pet pic.

This picture of Lola, is a 100% accurate summary of how Lindsey and I both feel: exhausted. Thanks for reading this blog everyday. We really appreciate you all. Good night.

A rivalry?

This is our dog, Lola. We love her, she’s basically the best dog in the world. No… don’t argue with me. I’ll fight you over that.

Now, I had Lola before I met Lindsey, and Lindsey thinks the dog is really jealous. She’s gone back on her housebreaking a few times recently and Lindsey thinks that is what it is. But when Lindsey comes home Lola goes nuts for her. She runs around and wants to play. She won’t leave her alone.

I don’t know what to think, but my wife is convinced there is a rivalry brewing. I told her to be nice to the dog. How could you not with that face? 😉