Full trust

Lindsey and I committed to something prior to our wedding that is not unique, but from what I can tell it is probably uncommon. We committed to share all of our passwords and account information for all of our online activities. Email, Facebook, Twitter, and more– it’s all open.

This was actually an easy choice for us. We are completely open with each other anyway, sharing things that have not been shared with anyone else.

I know what some of you are thinking. Some of you reading this are asking, “Wow, do you really not trust so much that you have to share your passwords?” You’ve got it all wrong. It’s the opposite, we share everything and are fully open because we trust each other so much.

The guiding principle for this is simple, our marriage is more important than we are individually. We are a team now. We are no longer two, but one. When viewed in that light, it would be odd to not  share all of our access and information.