Day one

Well, I survived. And not only that, I had a smile on my face at the end of the day.

Highlights of the first day of school: praying with my kids, new and interesting personalities, actual time with students, and recess. The only downside is the exhaustion that comes after a day with children. I had forgotten this sensation.

I told lots of stories today. I let the kids ask me anything. I told them about Turkey and South Africa, skydiving and trying out for Teen Jeopardy. I told them about Brian and Lola and my church. I told them about my love of Toy Story, gummi bears, and coffee. I don’t feel like a very interesting person on most days, but they made me feel pretty special today. Funny– I was trying to do that for them.

I spent the evening on the living room floor creating binder organization systems for my kiddos and thinking back over the day. There are already faces that come to mind and make me smile– and it’s only day one. There are already funny sayings and inside jokes– and it’s only day one. It took nearly an hour to tell Brian all about my day– and it’s only day one.

What will day 50, day 100, or day 180 look like? Can you fathom the enormity of an adventure at the beginning, or only in reflection?