Go teams!

That’s pretty much how I feel about the Super Bowl. I probably would not have known it was happening this weekend except that the church service we usually attend in the evening was cancelled today, so we had to go in the morning.

But, I do love a good theme and snack food– so, it didn’t take much convincing to get me to a watch party.

After the heart attack I created last weekend, I wanted to make a less deadly sweet. I settled on whole grain cookies with walnuts, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate. Not necessarily a “health” food, but this one didn’t involve 12 sticks of butter, either ūüėČ


Brian, on the other hand, went back to Garden & Gun, the infamous magazine that inspired the epic cake. He settled on bacon crackers– bacon wrapped around Club crackers, cooked on low heat for a long time. It’s buttery, bacon goodness– what’s not to love?


We took our treats to a party with our old missional community group. It was wonderful to see everyone and get a chance to catch up. I miss them.

There were also three different snacks wrapped in bacon. Three. Bless the Lord.

Began the year with a win

IMG_3254[1]Brian and I began 2013 at The Heart of Texas Bowl in the old Cotton Bowl Stadium. My husband is a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University and a huge fan of his Cowboys. And though I wore a different shade of orange in college, I make a decent Cowboys fan myself ūüôā

We went to the game with some of Brian’s closest friends, Justin and Monica. Justin was the best man at our wedding and he and Brian have a unique relationship. I love these friends and spending the day with them was cold, but great.

The Cowboys creamed Purdue, so we began the year with a win. Then, we drove home to Austin. Well, Brian drove. I napped.

And that’s how 2013 began. Happy New Year and Go Pokes!!!

IMG_3224[1]IMG_3257[1] IMG_3228[1] IMG_3232[1]

Look at my handsome husband and his sexy beard! Woohoo– I’m a blessed woman!

Friday Night Lights

If you know my wife, or have read this blog at all, you know that Lindsey does not like sports. She tolerates them well, but if she didn’t love me I’m sure she would never watch another football game in her life.

Which is why I was surprised when she fell in love with Friday Night Lights a few weeks ago. I watched the show when it was on the air and loved it, and I thought she would like it but I was afraid there would be too much football.

There almost was. She was rolling her eyes during the pilot, and I’m almost certain I heard a snore at one point. She looked really skeptical when I told her there would be a little less football in the future. Then, the¬†penultimate¬†scene.

I won’t give anything away¬†because¬†I don’t want to spoil it in case you have not seen it (because you really should), but in the final scenes of the pilot all the things that hit my wife and the heart came to life. Victory, a tinge of sadness, a promise of good things to come and a brand new underdog. She was hiding tears by the time the credits rolled.

It’s a fun part of marriage, introducing each other to the things we love. I don’t think Lindsey would have given that show a shot, because she barely did on my¬†recommendation¬† But now she can’t watch anything else. We’re too busy form much TV, so she’s not powering through it, but she’s certainly not watching anything else.

She’s fallen in love with Coach Taylor and his crew, and that’s fine with me. Fake football is better than no football.

Learning not to compromise

I don’t like crafty stuff. I don’t like to join the ‘treasure hunts’ that Lindsey loves. I just flat out don’t understand some of the stuff she likes.

Lindsey does not like sports. She doesn’t really like football, except for the parties that go with it. She doesn’t understand the sports world that I have inhabited for as long as I can remember.

So today, we had a great day by not compromising.

We didn’t bargain about what to do today, we didn’t try to strike an even balance on how much time we would spend on what. For the first time, and in a kind of¬†explainable¬†way, we planned to spend a few hours on what she wanted to do, and then time on my big event of the day. It just happened, I wanted to be with her and she wanted to be with me.

We got up and wend to the Christmas Renegade Craft Fair, an indie craft fair1, that we’ve been to before and is not as bad as it sounds. It’s not a bad time, and we found some cool stuff today.

I honestly wouldn’t want to spend a fall morning at any craft fair, cool or not. But this week when Lindsey suggested it something new happened. I looked at her and thought, “she’d love to do it.” So I said yes. I said it easily, and without a doubt. It ended up being a very good morning.

Then, this afternoon Lindsey hung out with me during the OSU football game. We played that team from Norman, and I get very amped up for this game every year. She doesn’t love football, but tolerates it for me. She doesn’t love me lecturing the¬†referees¬†¬†on their mistakes, or my passionate pleading with our coaching staff. But today, she found a project to work on and hung out with me the whole time. She cheered for my Cowboys, made good comments when she picked up on something, and¬†pretended¬†to really,¬†really care at all the right times. I loved it.

Today we did not make deals. We did not barter time back and forth, and no one tried to get their own way. We were able to spend time with each other, doing what each other likes best. I can’t describe why it didn’t feel like a compromise other than to say¬†this: I got what I wanted, a whole day with my wife.

See? No compromises.

  1. (I don’t even know what that means. Are there big corporate craft fairs out there? I don’t know, it’s not my world.‚ÜĎ

A full day

Today was a typically full Saturday for us, but it was a good one too.

The first part of the day was not great though. I woke up several times during the night to deal with the allergic reaction Lola had to one of her meds. To put it politely, let’s say that her digestive system was just 100% broken, and leave it at that. To deal with this, I spent almost two hours at the vet’s office getting her taken care of. An effective anti-nausea injection and a new prescription and we were out the door. She immediately felt better, and was even able to hold down dinner tonight. Very pleased about that outcome.

Lindsey spent sometime getting house stuff done and I ran to the grocery store to get the stuff for Lindsey’s great queso recipe. We made the queso, Lindsey’s sister came over and then we all went to a watch party for the OSU vs. TCU game at our friends Carlton and Lesley’s home. We had a great time watching OSU win after a slow start, and got to see some of our dearest friends.

After that I made fajitas while Lindsey and Mallory watched a movie. We had a good dinner and some sibling time. Mallory left and Lindsey went almost straight to sleep, and I’m not too far behind her.

All in all, great Saturday.


20120908-222832.jpgThe word of the day has been “Dish” as in, Dish Network. We’re in Oklahoma City for an alumni meeting for my fraternity, and OSU is playing Arizona, in Tucson, tonight.

Because of the state of TV contracts the only network carrying the game is Dish. Turns out,no one, not even most sports bars, have Dish.

After calling what seemed like half of OKC we found a ghetto pool hall, along with several hundred other OSU fans, that has Dish. We’re packed in here, the staff is overwhelmed, but at least we get to see the game.

Lindsey is a trooper with this, although a tired one. She doesn’t care about this stuff, but she does because I do. I really appreciate her. ūüôā

Marriage brings change, but joy too

Sept 1, 2012; Stillwater Ok, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys players enter the field at the start of the game against the Savannah State Tigers at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Rowe-US PRESSWIRE

This past weekend marked a milestone for me. This will be the first football season since 1997 that I will not have season tickets to Oklahoma State Football. For 5 seasons while I attended, and for the 9 years since when I flew or drove from Austin, TX to Oklahoma, I have attended the vast majority of games in Stillwater and only missed 1 bowl game. For 14 years I spent Saturdays in the Happiest Place on Earth (the OSU campus). This year I will probably only get to one home game.

This is not a sad thing though, it was actually an easy decision.

To make sure we’re all on the same page, Lindsey did not make me, ask me, or even hint that I should not renew the tickets. I bought her a season ticket last year and she made all the trips like a trooper, she would have done it again this year, and enjoyed it. No, this decision was all mine.

The fact of the matter is this: we need more time together, at home in Austin. Lindsey has a big workload, I have an exciting new work opportunity, and we are both starting an intense academic theology and discipleship program at church that will last for more than nine months. These are priorities, even over my Cowboys.

Even if these things were not enough there is also my responsibility as a husband. I need to spend more time serving my wife, more time helping her out and more time investing in our faith. Hours and hours of travel, by plane or air, every other weekend and full weekends spent in the college football bubble don’t help any of that.

As I said, this was an easy decision. My wife, my marriage and my faith is more important than those fall Saturdays filled with cheers. I will miss them, but you can bet I will be wearing orange and following every moment of our season from the couch. ūüôā