Too tired, too late

I wrote this post at 12:15pm on Saturday afternoon, not just before midnight as the post will be marked. It is because this is the Friday post, written on Saturday. We had a long week, so long in fact my wife pointed out to me that I couldn’t stay awake after dinner at least two nights this week. But Friday night was good for us because we were looking forward to having a good friend over for dinner.


Pork loin, stuffed with apples, wrapped in prosciutto, rolled into a puff pastry. Yeah, it’s good.

We invited our friend Jared over for dinner and a few drinks, and we were looking forward to it. We love to host people in our home, but we have not been able to do so often. In fact, I took the opportunity to make something that I have not had any excuse to make, Alton Brown’s Pork Wellington. I love trying new things, but that is not a regular weeknight dinner for two.

The dinner was great. we served out favorite brussel sprouts dish and garlic cheese mashed potatoes. Then we had Lindsey’s killer Guinness brownies. It was an amazing dinner, and we had an even better time talking to and catching up with Jared.

When the evening was over Lindsey and I got into bed, I pulled out the laptop to blog. She was asleep in 30 seconds, and I was only about a minute behind.

We’re still learning how to balance the early mornings, jobs, and time together in the evening. Honestly, I’ve been getting less sleep because I am trying to do too much in a day. Lindsey has to get her sleep and she has been forgoing some things she needs to get done because she needs the sleep. It’s been a great and crazy year, but just so full.

We’re getting better at it. This school year is better than last, and next year will be even better. I think it just takes time.

Go teams!

That’s pretty much how I feel about the Super Bowl. I probably would not have known it was happening this weekend except that the church service we usually attend in the evening was cancelled today, so we had to go in the morning.

But, I do love a good theme and snack food– so, it didn’t take much convincing to get me to a watch party.

After the heart attack I created last weekend, I wanted to make a less deadly sweet. I settled on whole grain cookies with walnuts, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate. Not necessarily a “health” food, but this one didn’t involve 12 sticks of butter, either 😉


Brian, on the other hand, went back to Garden & Gun, the infamous magazine that inspired the epic cake. He settled on bacon crackers– bacon wrapped around Club crackers, cooked on low heat for a long time. It’s buttery, bacon goodness– what’s not to love?


We took our treats to a party with our old missional community group. It was wonderful to see everyone and get a chance to catch up. I miss them.

There were also three different snacks wrapped in bacon. Three. Bless the Lord.


I’ve mentioned my Missional Community through the Women’s Development Program before. They are dedicated, intelligent, beautiful, loving, and crazy. And they have invaded my life in the best way possible.


We group text a lot. We’ve had some group texts that I’ve had to edit on my phone because other eyes should never see them. We share our trial and triumphs, our needs and nuttiness.

Yesterday, we had another epic group text fest. I was home taking my temperature every half hour, so I got to participate at a level that I am not able to while teaching. What I loved most about it was that we went from the girls praying about my health, to dessert recipes, to hair stylists, to Super Bowl parties. It was wonderful and random and perfect– a lot like our group 🙂


These pictures are from our Winter Retreat in December. The second one speaks for itself.

These women invaded my life, but most importantly, they invaded my heart.

Began the year with a win

IMG_3254[1]Brian and I began 2013 at The Heart of Texas Bowl in the old Cotton Bowl Stadium. My husband is a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University and a huge fan of his Cowboys. And though I wore a different shade of orange in college, I make a decent Cowboys fan myself 🙂

We went to the game with some of Brian’s closest friends, Justin and Monica. Justin was the best man at our wedding and he and Brian have a unique relationship. I love these friends and spending the day with them was cold, but great.

The Cowboys creamed Purdue, so we began the year with a win. Then, we drove home to Austin. Well, Brian drove. I napped.

And that’s how 2013 began. Happy New Year and Go Pokes!!!

IMG_3224[1]IMG_3257[1] IMG_3228[1] IMG_3232[1]

Look at my handsome husband and his sexy beard! Woohoo– I’m a blessed woman!


This weekend was a good one, mainly for what I learned. I was away at our church’s Men’s Retreat, and I walked away with some great perspectives.

First and foremost, I realized that in 8 months Lindsey and I have truly become one in a way that is hard to understand. I had a great time hanging out with guys I respect and love to be around, but I could not get her out of my head. In the past this is exactly the type of weekend I would have forgot everything and lost myself in the experience and friendship. But now I have a distinct sense of oneness with this woman that won’t let me. And that is a wonderful thing.

Second, I was reminded how blessed I really am to be in the Men’s Development Program with the group I have. I am growing to respect and love these men. I am learning how to be honest, confess my junk, and ask for help. Even better, these guys point me in the right direction every time. It’s a such a good thing, I can’t even describe it fully.

There is more, of course. I was reminded of how great it is to hear Edgar Allan Poe at night in the woods. I realized that I forgot how nice a walk down a county road at night can be. There’s more, but I doubt you would find it as meaningful as I did, so I will leave it there.

The thing that I will walk away with is this, and I would advise any married man of this fact too: we need to love our wives first and best– but one of the best ways to do so is to have strong, committed friends beside you. Their help, insight, commiseration and wisdom is invaluable, and should be treated as such. You need those guys at your side, because a foxhole can be a very lonely place.

A full day

Today was a typically full Saturday for us, but it was a good one too.

The first part of the day was not great though. I woke up several times during the night to deal with the allergic reaction Lola had to one of her meds. To put it politely, let’s say that her digestive system was just 100% broken, and leave it at that. To deal with this, I spent almost two hours at the vet’s office getting her taken care of. An effective anti-nausea injection and a new prescription and we were out the door. She immediately felt better, and was even able to hold down dinner tonight. Very pleased about that outcome.

Lindsey spent sometime getting house stuff done and I ran to the grocery store to get the stuff for Lindsey’s great queso recipe. We made the queso, Lindsey’s sister came over and then we all went to a watch party for the OSU vs. TCU game at our friends Carlton and Lesley’s home. We had a great time watching OSU win after a slow start, and got to see some of our dearest friends.

After that I made fajitas while Lindsey and Mallory watched a movie. We had a good dinner and some sibling time. Mallory left and Lindsey went almost straight to sleep, and I’m not too far behind her.

All in all, great Saturday.