Overdue thanks

Abby, Laura, Kari, Kerrie, Jill, Rachel, Jennifer, Sarah and Michelle,

Thank you for taking care of my wife. Tuesday night group meetings are always an important time for us but there is something special about the time she spends with you. When Lindsey comes home from her Tuesday nights with the girls to tell me about how you care for her, cry and laugh with her, are honest with her and most of all pray with her I could not be happier.

It is a humbling thing for a man to care so much for his wife, but also know that he cannot provide everything; and that is where you all step in. You girls take care of Lindsey in the ways that I cannot. You understand her emotional side and speak to her in a way that I am not able to. You see things from her perspective that I don’t.

I am very thankful for the ways that you serve Lindsey. You are all so supportive of her, of our marriage, and of me. It’s a wonderful thing to have folks like you in our lives daily.

With gratitude,

Rocking chairs

We’re spending a lot of time together lately. A lot.

With me on my summer break and Brian working from home a great deal of the time, we are together a lot. We often have two, sometimes three meals together a day. It’s a lot of togetherness. And you know what it has made me realize?

Brian is my best friend.

Really. Brian is my closest, dearest, most favorite friend. And I love spending time with him. We talk or sit in silence, read our own books or watch a show together, study the Bible together, run errands– and in all of it I realize over and over how much I enjoy him.

I’m reading ‘Real Marriage’ by Mark and Grace Driscoll right now, and I’m sure I’ll post a review when I’m done, but the very first thing they talk about is the necessity of friendship in marriage.

We respect each other and genuinely like spending time together. We know each other’s likes and dislikes– Brian likes sweets late at night and Lindsey likes to eat breakfast right when she wakes up. Brian does not like a post-it note to-do list and Lindsey does not like hearing the person next to her chew their food. Brian is versed in my personality quirks (the myriad of them) and I am versed in Brian’s dreams for the future.

Knowing these things about each other, trusting each other, and just generally liking the other person make us stronger as a couple. It may sound obvious to say that you should be friends with your spouse, but many couples lose sight of the friendship, let it go by the wayside, or do not take steps to cultivate it. Right now, I’m daily blessed by my best friend and the chance to hang out with him and get to know him better. I can’t help but think that the time we’re putting in now is helping to build the foundation we want for the years to come.

Let’s face it– in 50 years when the looks have gone, the bodies are wrinkly, and the kids have left the house, B and I will spend hours rocking back and forth on the front porch. When that day comes, I want sip my lemonade, adjust my dentures, and rock next to my very best friend.


Surrounded by beauty

In the past two weeks I have finally had time to do this thing I’ve really wanted to do– I’ve been getting to know the women in my missional community group from church. And I found out that I am surrounded by beautiful women.

I know in my head that living in community is important. I know that I need to have women in my life who share my beliefs and spiritual goals, women that will call me out on my sin and my selfishness, women that will point me back to God. But living that out is a very difficult thing.

Living that out means being honest, being vulnerable, showing how dark and disgusting you are on the inside. Living that out means loving others when their dark and disgusting bits are showing, and helping them to see those bits and ask God to change them. It’s tough. We are selfish, rebellious creatures.

During the school year, I didn’t have the time to see these women one on one, but that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s been incredible. There are women in my life who have been through serious suffering and sorrow, and they just smile. They share how God brought them through it and never left their sides. There are women in my life who have similar struggles to my own, they have the same worries or fears, women with the same questions– and now that we’ve shown each other these things, we can get through them together. We can pray together and we can pray for one another.

I just feel so overwhelmed by them; they are so beautiful! They have these hearts that just want to love and to serve, and I am so blessed to know them and get to walk alongside them.

Out on the golf course

We have house guests. We have our first house guests as a married couple. This is a yearly event in Brian’s life, and now it is one in mine– when Justin and Monica come for Memorial Day weekend. It’s been wonderful.

Today, we played golf. Well, my husband and our guests played golf. I was along for the conversation and sunshine. It was my first time on a golf course. I learned a lot. Here’s the short list of today’s observations:

  1. There’s alcohol on a golf course. In fact, someone drives around selling it to the players.
  2. Golf seems really relaxing. We got to talk all day and drive around in fun little carts. Note: this is the girl who didn’t do anything!
  3. Driving a golf cart is highly amusing. Putting the pedal to the floor is encouraged.
  4. Sand traps suck.
  5. The water features are pretty, but suck.
  6. Everything inside of me wants my husband to succeed at everything he attempts. I’m his proudest cheerleader.
  7. A day outside with friends is relaxing, exhausting, and pretty wonderful.

Go Brian, go!!!

I loved driving this thing!

Brian got on the green of this par 5 in two shots– woohoo!!!

Our dear friends and first house guests, Monica and Justin