Well, that happened

This was our night, the picture above.

Lindsey was really tired, again, and was going to have dinner with the ladies in our community group at a friend’s house nearby. I dropped her off with the intent of picking her up later, and everything went according to plan. Until I picked her up.

I took her car to go get her, and after I visited with the girls we went back outside and her car wouldn’t start. Awesome.

We called her insurance company, got a tow, dropped it off at the shop, and came home. I’ll deal with it in the morning, from the golf course.

Because that’s right, I’m getting up in 5.5 hours to go play in a charity tournament. So, yay sleep…

However, there is two great bright spots, our friends. Laura helped us with unsuccessful attempts to jumpstart the car. Our friend Abby was able to drive Lindsey home so she could get a good bit of sleep while I dealt with the car stuff. Our friend Corbin is going out of his way to give me a ride in the morning so Lindsey can have a car. This would have been so much tougher without them.

So here we are, posting this a few minutes late. Oops, it’s been a rough night. I still think this counts.

Out on the golf course

We have house guests. We have our first house guests as a married couple. This is a yearly event in Brian’s life, and now it is one in mine– when Justin and Monica come for Memorial Day weekend. It’s been wonderful.

Today, we played golf. Well, my husband and our guests played golf. I was along for the conversation and sunshine. It was my first time on a golf course. I learned a lot. Here’s the short list of today’s observations:

  1. There’s alcohol on a golf course. In fact, someone drives around selling it to the players.
  2. Golf seems really relaxing. We got to talk all day and drive around in fun little carts. Note: this is the girl who didn’t do anything!
  3. Driving a golf cart is highly amusing. Putting the pedal to the floor is encouraged.
  4. Sand traps suck.
  5. The water features are pretty, but suck.
  6. Everything inside of me wants my husband to succeed at everything he attempts. I’m his proudest cheerleader.
  7. A day outside with friends is relaxing, exhausting, and pretty wonderful.

Go Brian, go!!!

I loved driving this thing!

Brian got on the green of this par 5 in two shots– woohoo!!!

Our dear friends and first house guests, Monica and Justin