A full weekend

Yesterday I turned 35 years old.

That’s a little scary. As a white male living in Texas the latest life expectancy estimate for me is ~77 years old. So, I’m almost halfway there. Yikes.

This weekend has been fun and full. So much has happened in the last 3 days that I want to talk about, but there is no way to cover all of it in the depth that I want to. So tonight I’m just going to post some short summaries. I may get back to some of them later this week.

So, here’s what happened:

  • Friday night we had a happy hour for my birthday with our friends from church. It was awesome. Our friends from WDP and MDP were there, our community group was there, and it was just a great time of hanging out with people we love. We stayed for 5 hours
  • Saturday morning I awoke to my 35th birthday. My wife made biscuits and gravy from scratch, and had a great gift for me, a “southern gentleman” basket with cool grooming accessories I need/want, homemade(!) blueberry bourbon, and other goodies. It was the best way to start my day
  • Saturday from 9am-5pm we went to a Saturday seminar for our Development programs. Jeff Vanderstelt from Soma Communities in Tacoma, WA taught us all day and I was blown away. It was genuinely moving, and a life-altering day for us. When we got home we talked about what we learned for over two hours. It was an invaluable day


  • Today Lindsey made an amazing Pistachio Pear Brown Sugar Cake for me. It was simply amazing. It was complicated, with many steps and potential pitfalls. She outdid herself, it’s literally the best cake I’ve ever had. I hope she posts about it later this week
  • Today is also the 12th anniversary of the plane crash that killed 10 team members and staff from the Oklahoma State basketball team. I was a senior at OSU at the time and I can truly say that I will never forget where I was when I heard about it, or the days and weeks that followed. It is one of the formative events of my life. So, I will close out the blog by doing what I have done on this day every year since January 27th, 2001, and pause to Remember the Ten. God bless them, and the families, friends and teammates they left behind


Happy Birthday, Brian!

What. A. Day.

It all began early this morning, when I got up to make breakfast. It had to be early– we both had an all day retreat to get to and a friend to pick up on the way. The Pioneer Woman taught me to make biscuits and gravy— Brian’s favorite. While I was whipping that up, I put out Brian’s birthday basket and cedar shoe valet. I also got my phone ready to play The Beatles “Birthday” when Brian came downstairs. I was having a blast jumping from the oven to the stove to the french press to setting the table. I was giddy for him to come downstairs and enjoy the fun.

Brian's birthday basket included homemade blueberry infused bourbon, simple syrup, a shoe shine kit, a monogrammed mint julep cup, and specialty beard oil-- I thought it had a "southern gentleman" feel :)

Brian’s birthday basket included homemade blueberry infused bourbon, simple syrup, a shoe shine kit, a monogrammed mint julep cup, and specialty beard oil– I thought it had a “southern gentleman” feel 🙂

Breakfast was fun, but fast! Brian enjoyed the food and coffee (my first gravy ever!), and we laughed and chatted as we got ready to leave.

Today’s retreat was all about Gospel Fluency and living that out. It was incredible. During the morning session breaks, I would run up to Brian and word vomit everything I was connecting with and convicted of from the first session. We both planned on napping when we got home, but the conversation that started in the car as we processed what we learned kept going when we entered the house. We talked for a couple of hours– confessing and sharing and marveling. During this, we did make mint juleps with the infused bourbon in Brian’s birthday gift and sipped as we talked– yum!

This is the bourbon I infused and a peek at the process

This is the bourbon I infused and a peek at the process

Brian wouldn’t let me do any housework on his birthday, so we read our novels together until it was time to leave for the movie. We saw ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ at Alamo. It was a looooooong movie, but very good. Brian liked it more than I did, but I was also freezing cold in the theater and nodding off during the very long, slow middle of the movie. In my defense, we went to a 9:40pm showing.

It was an awesome day– the first time I’ve been able to spoil my husband on his special day. I look forward to spoiling him over and over for the rest of our lives. Today was great– and I’m sure we’ll be sharing more of what we learned about at the retreat in an upcoming post.

Happy Birthday, Brian!!! I love you!!!