Advice and Experience

One of the best parts of the Development program at church is the chance to connect with other men and share our lives together. What has been particularly good for me is the relationship that has formed with the elder assigned to my group. It has been an invaluable relationship to build.

One aspect of the program is periodic one on one meetings that cover a wide range of things. This morning our meeting really focused on our marriage and how it was going. In talking with Devin I brought up some things that I have been trying to improve upon and we had a good discussion. Specifically I wanted guidance how how to serve Lindsey better with her current needs, and how I can help ensure we are always on the same page. He was great, and had lots of good solid guidance based on his experience, some of his past counseling of others, and of course the Gospel. It was great time of learning for me.

I’ve discovered that I need this. I need someone who knows the path I’m taking and has wisdom to share. I need someone to ask me the hard questions and holds me accountable. I don’t know if this will always be true, but I will be surprised if it isn’t. Guidance like this is making me a better husband.