A joy-filled moment

Today was picture day at school, so they had to cancel Chapel. I had my homeroom in my classroom during the time that would have been Chapel. Since we were missing the opportunity to express our worship through song, I decided to have our own version of Chapel. I turned on some great music, gave them art supplies, and projected their theme verse for the year on the board. I told them to meditate on the words and then express their meaning through creating art. While they worked, I was overcome with emotion, and sat down at my computer to chronicle the moment. This is what I wrote:

Psalm 19:14 is projected on the board. God’s Word is big and bold before my class. “Your grace is enough…” plays in the background. My students are creating art based on the verse. Some quietly mouth the lyrics to the song as they draw and color. And in this moment, I have forgotten my exhaustion, last night’s nightmare, the rough morning, the mistakes I made, the undone tasks. In this moment, I am so completely happy that none of that matters. None of it.

I love my God and I love these students– and those two things no longer must be exclusive. I sing out the lyrics over them, praying that each one of them will come to know their truth. I talk to them about their own art and how God’s Word speaks to them. This job– this exhausting, low-paying, time-consuming job– this job is a blessing. An unbelievable, overwhleming blessing.


New role at work!

Well, it looks like all the work of the last few weeks are slowing down for me a bit. Hopefully things stay at a more sustainable pace. Today though we had some things take shape at work that I wanted to talk about earlier, but could not.

I am changing roles slightly and moving into a position on the strategy and technology incubation team. My boss has gained some additional responsibilities in a recent re-organization and so I will be changing roles.

This is very exciting, and the type of job I have wanted for a long time. I am really looking forward to working with some really bright people and taking part in setting the direction for our company in an area I am passionate about. This is a very good thing. 🙂

Little glimpses

I was scrolling through the photos on my iPhone today and I kept finding these really random ones. I had to think for a while to figure out why I had these bizarre shots. Then I realized that most of them were pictures of things in my life that I took to text to Brian.

Regular readers are very aware (and most likely bored of hearing) that life has been crazy for the two of us lately. In order to stay connected with my husband, I’ve been texting him photos of parts of my day. Here are some examples:

This is the back of my journal that I made with my students in class. We all decorated journals and we write in them all the time– one of my favorite new things! And Brian made the late night run for more clear packing tape to cover them with. I thought he needed to see it 🙂

I worked on this story map for a few hours. I used one last year, but it was ugly and copied poorly. This one is beautiful and copies well– and I created it all in Word! I was proud of my little teacher self, so I had to show Brian.

I sent this one yesterday at the retreat. There was a photo directory in our binders, and my handsome husband was in there with me!

Brian helped with with some technology issues today over FaceTime, but we were unsuccessful. I had to write up a tech help request and got a little silly with it. Thought Brian would appreciate seeing this before I pushed “Submit.”

They’re goofy. They’re not all that interesting. But these are glimpses into my life. And I want my husband in my life– in all the parts. So, these little pictures keep him up to date until I can come home and ramble on and on, and then answer his million questions.


Hump day

We went to Chuy’s tonight for Hatch Green Chile Fest– special menu and crazy decorations. It was wonderful.

We sipped our spicy martinis and talked about work. We both had lots of stories. We talked and talked. We ate and ate. Then, we rolled out of there and journeyed home.

I got to work and knocked out some lesson to-do’s pretty quickly. Brian is napping beside me. He needed some shut eye before hitting his evening workload. We’re about to pass each other again– me going to sleep and him waking up to get to work. Sigh.

When we got home, we both talked about how great dinner together out was. It wasn’t date night or anything– just a chance for us to connect and check in. But it was special. So special.

Brian asked very pointed questions about my job and my school life. He is genuinely interested in me and my life. And tonight, he made me feel quite special. And then it got really great when we both geeked out over the podcast we listen to every day from Albert Mohler, and talked about theology and having a Christian worldview. Nerdy, but true.

We connected. We caught up. We smiled and laughed. We filled up on spicy food. Then, we got geeky. Now, I’m going to sleep at 9pm.

Great. Wednesday. Night.

Something outside

Brian and I have been racing around for a couple weeks now.

Tonight was our missional community group, so I couldn’t stay at the school until late (though, I just now finished my lesson and it’s almost midnight– ugh). We had just a few moments to throw together a meal and spend some time together before we went our separate ways (guys and gals met separately tonight), and what did we do with those moments? Well, we got upset with each other.

I kept thinking about it afterwards and it just made me sad. It was all a result of not communicating well with each other. Again. And I feel like I so rarely see my handsome husband these days– so I hate that we squandered some of that time.

Now, we both rebounded quickly and moved on, but I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Brian is on my side– he’s on Team Lundin and so am I. So, why don’t we act like that more? And on a day where I said multiple times that I really need to be intentional where I’m spending my social/free time (since there’s so little of it), why did we waste those moments today?

I know married people do this. I know friends do this. I know that this is normal. But I don’t necessarily want to be normal, here. I would like us to be atypical in this. And the only way I can see that happening is through a lot of prayer. We’re both tired and grouchy, and have brains that are thinking about work when we’re looking at each other. It’s going to take something outside of us to change what’s going on between us.

Four shots

Yup. That’s four shots of espresso in that latte.

This is Brian’s morning latte. I had five shots in mine– not to be competitive or anything… Just saying.

It’s been a long, long week, and this picture pretty much sums it up.

Brian is already snoring. I’m jealous, but someone had to post on the blog. Lucky me 😉


It’s still light out

I came home tonight and crashed on the couch. Literally. Brian made me wake up long enough to pick something from a take-out menu on his phone.

When he woke me up a second time, he was coming in the house with take-out. We watched ‘Good Eats’ while devouring our own. With big fat bellies, we both started to sink into the couch. I insisted we both go upstairs.

I had this great moment tonight. I was in the middle of this tremendous yawn and thinking bed soon. Brian was lightly snoring beside me. I was thinking through the evening tasks when I glanced at the clock. It read 7:30pm.

I laughed aloud.

7:30pm. That’s a dinner time. That’s a date time. That’s not a bed time.

But, the fact is– here we are in bed. Two young married people in bed by 7:30pm. It’s a true story.

I told my mom today on the phone that it’s been wild lately. She laughed when I said that sometimes Brian grabs me while we’re walking past each other to tell me that he loves me and I’m special. Tuesday night at our missional community group it felt strange and exciting to sit next to my husband, since it had been so long since we had done that.

But I’m next to him now. There’s no late project tonight for him. No lesson to prepare for me. Instead, we are in bed together at 7:30, one lightly snoring. And I’m envious of the one lightly snoring, because I’d like to be. And there’s something romantic about snoring next to my husband when it’s still light outside. That, or we’re both so entirely overworked that perspective is skewed. Either way, I’m getting some sleep tonight.