The badass

Wow– to look at our blog for the past three days, you’d think all we talk about is food! And Brian didn’t even mention the banana bread I baked yesterday 😉

I just wanted to share a humorous incident that keeps making me giggle. I have prior approval from my dear, sweet husband to post this.

We were in the bathroom this weekend both getting ready. I was applying my mascara as Brian was admiring himself in the mirror. He spoke the following words: “I (pause) am a badass.”

That, in and of itself, is not the humorous portion of this story. Living with each other and loving each other has created very healthy self-esteems in the Lundin household, so much so that commentary such as this is somewhat commonplace.

No, no– the humor here lies in what immediately followed his remarks. For not two seconds later, the badass accidentally rammed his hand into the bathroom wall and let out a wail that a passerby would not only have assuredly heard outside, but would also have undoubtedly determined that I beat my husband.

(I do not. His pride does it for me 😉 )

I fell forward on the counter laughing, smearing mascara first across my face, and then the mirror. I wanted to check on my husband– to make sure the injury was not life threatening– but I could not. Belly against the granite countertop, face against the mirror, I laughed until my stomach hurt. Only then was I able to recover and see how the badass had fared…

Thank God– Brian was laughing, too!


I’ve mentioned my Missional Community through the Women’s Development Program before. They are dedicated, intelligent, beautiful, loving, and crazy. And they have invaded my life in the best way possible.


We group text a lot. We’ve had some group texts that I’ve had to edit on my phone because other eyes should never see them. We share our trial and triumphs, our needs and nuttiness.

Yesterday, we had another epic group text fest. I was home taking my temperature every half hour, so I got to participate at a level that I am not able to while teaching. What I loved most about it was that we went from the girls praying about my health, to dessert recipes, to hair stylists, to Super Bowl parties. It was wonderful and random and perfect– a lot like our group 🙂


These pictures are from our Winter Retreat in December. The second one speaks for itself.

These women invaded my life, but most importantly, they invaded my heart.

Market Days

I got up much earlier than someone who went to a show last night should, and drove out to Wimberley to join my parents at Market Days. My parents have a booth where they sell “vintage and collectibles,” which also includes odds, ends, and anything that someone may want to buy. My mom’s resale passion is the vintage kitchen stuff, my dad’s is tools/outdoor equipment.

It was a great day. I hadn’t seen my mom since last month’s Market Days. In fact, I haven’t done much other that school and church activities since then. We shouldn’t go that long without seeing each other.

My mom is one of my most favorite people. I love talking to her and laughing with her. We did a lot of both today. I didn’t sell very many items of my own, but that’s not why I go out there. I go out there to sit next to my mom and spend a day by her side. I’m blessed to have a mom I’m proud to claim and love to be around.

One of the best parts of the booth is filling it. Mom and I love a trip to Goodwill. She’s also a garage sale pro– it’s kind of amazing. Last summer we even went on a “trash tour” where we went all over Texas and Oklahoma looking for treasure. We think of it that way– our findings are our treasures. I haven’t been treasure hunting since school started and I miss it.

I found a treasure to bring home today– it’s the blue tin in the picture where I appear excited. I am, in fact, excited about it. It’s a Blue Magic Krispy Kan– it has a special top that keeps contents crispy. I really just wanted it for its color– a personal favorite. My husband was not as excited when I brought it home. “What is that for?” he asked. It’s for awesomeness. Duh.

I talked about Brian a ton today. Turns out I’m a fan, or something. It causes me to ramble and brag. Moms like to hear those things, though. She’s got a happy daughter who is well take care of– turns out moms like that sort of thing. And Scripture tells us that our speech is an overflow of our hearts– looks like I’ve got a lot of Brian in mine 🙂

I’ve included some photos from around the booth so readers can have an idea of what we do out there. These are only a couple of items out of hundreds. There’s also a pic of me and Mom– fellow treasure hunter and best friend.


Tonight, we saw ‘Dark Knight Rises’ (his choice), and then came home and played Scrabble (my choice). Brian had a lot of fun at the movie– it was a tad dark and evil-driven for my taste, and I had fun annihilating my husband– excuse me, winning at Scrabble.

Honestly, I considered leaving the theater at one point. It was just getting to me. But I knew that if I left and didn’t come back, Brian would start to worry and would not enjoy the film. And the end had a wee bit of redemption, so it got a little better. Conversely, when Brian drew only vowels turn after turn in Scrabble, he considered surrendering– ahem, I mean ending the game. But he stuck with it because he loves me.

Even though it wasn’t the evening we both individually wanted, there was a little give and take and we both had an enjoyable evening.

NOTE: We’ve used this scorecard twice. Poor Brian got terrible tiles both games– probably not kind to post this… 😉

Those two crazy kids

I don’t like to kiss and tell… but Sunday night I was kissing my husband…

I don’t know if it was the weekend of wedding festivities for our dear friends, or that we were excited about the three month mark, but Brian and I spent an hour Sunday evening smiling and laughing and revisiting our promises to one another. It was such a sweet time.

I expressed to Brian that sometimes I’m so shocked that he’s still here. Then, I’m even more shocked that he wants to be. Brian is convinced that he’s getting the better end of this whole relationship– which just proves how little he knows…

We giggled and whispered, and then looked right at each other and reiterated the vow: forever.

I’m not trying to make anyone gag here. I know it’s pretty mushy. But I guess I’m just hoping that every so often, just like Sunday night, my husband and I will act like those two crazy kids who fell in love.

We’re even!

So… I did something embarrassing. Mortifying, even.

Brian was there, and ultimately, had a very unique role in the recovery from the incident. I have hated this fact. I have hated that I did something so embarrassing that my face turns red to this day and Brian was there to see it. Ugh! I am supposed to be beautiful and lovely and classy all the time, but will never fully be because of the embarrassing moment that will forever be etched on the memory of my husband.

But yesterday, things changed. We’re even. Brian had his own equally mortifying moment, and though I didn’t have to take a special role in his like he took in mine, I was a witness and that is enough.

I know that we swore we won’t keep score in our marriage. We said that we won’t trade favors and we will not keep a mental tally sheet. We will love and serve the other regardless of what was done for us. But this score is different and I cherish the fact that now we are even 🙂

We will never share the other’s embarrassing moment with strangers. We are sworn to secrecy– so don’t even try it. We will keep the moments confidential and only pick on each other playfully in private.

And I will smile knowing that at least in my own world, everything feels a bit more equitable today 😉


Tonight, my husband made me laugh so hard I cried. I cried and made a wheezing sound and honked a bit. That’s the sign of a good laugh. The whole event ended with him saying, “And THAT’S why we’re going to have the best mariage ever!!!”

The great thing about this event is that I can’t tell you anything about it. The image will forever be burned on my retinas. It was one of those zany, spontaneous moments when something crazy/genius snaps in your head and you find yourself using a bizarre voice and physical humor. That’s as many details as you get. But the gist is this– my husband is hilarious. And insane. But so am I. And we feel free to be our insane selves with one another. And I thought I was the only one…