Home sweet home

Home at last!

We’ve been gone since last Sunday morning and it’s been a Christmas and family whirlwind. A wonderful whirlwind.

There were lots of highlights over the past week. We celebrated with six different groups of our sweet family. We were spoiled rotten with lots of presents 🙂 We had precious baby time with our adorable nephew. We had lots of road-talk-time, which for us means conversations from theological to nonsensical. We saw ‘Les Miserables’ on screen and can’t stop singing the songs. I won the song lyric game with Brian’s family. Brian set up my Gran’s new computer and customized the settings for her. Watching him love her so well makes me love him even more– as if that were possible. I was way more normal with Brian’s family than last Christmas– yay! And, we had snow! 

And, as with everything in life, there were some tough parts of the last week, too. Sometimes family can be tough– our own or the other’s. And it’s difficult to be away from your home and your bed. It is challenging to be with people 24/7 for days on end, especially when you want some time to yourself. Lola was a pain– her UTI caused several indoor accidents, and her aggression toward other dogs made it tricky to house her or let her run around. Neither of us slept well all week. Suffice it to say, there were hard moments. That’s life.

But… we’re home now. Home sweet home.

We’ve been home a couple of hours and haven’t done much. I folded laundry and watched a few episodes of Friday Night Lights Season 4. Brian cleaned his new gun. We ordered a pizza. Now, we’re in bed at 9:30. We’re either really lame or pooped. Maybe both.

We had a great first married Christmas. Now, we’re going to have a great first night’s sleep back in our own bed on our brand new sheets (thanks, Karen!).


Tonight one of my fears about my dog came true. Lola has an aggression problem with other dogs (and only dogs, she is a sweetheart with people), and we try our best to manage it, but one slip up on my part tonight and we had a problem.

Lola is a rescue dog who has serious abuse in her past. She was used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill and has been in rough situations with other dogs since. She is damaged, but we love her.

We are staying at Lindsey’s grandparents house and her aunt and uncle had their dog over here too. We have been good about keeping Lola separated from other dogs this trip because she can be unpredictable, but as I was bringing her in from the backyard I did not make sure that I had a ahold of her before letting her in. She shot straight past me like a shot and went straight for Jake.

Jake is the sweetest old dog you’ve ever seen. He’s big and handsome with a limp due to old age. He is a laid back as you can get and by all accounts has no aggressive tendencies. We are fortunate that is the case.

Lola latched onto Jake’s neck and would not let go. I got there immediately to pull them apart but she was not letting go. All the men jumped in to help, and I hit her several times on the back of the head while Jake howled. We’re lucky he didn’t retaliate. After a few more hard hits I was having no luck and Lindsey’s uncle finally popped her just right on the jaw and she let go. I’m glad he did, not much else would have worked.

Jake was fine, not even any broken skin. Lola was hyped up, but normal again once we got her out of the room.

It was scary. Lindsey couldn’t watch the altercation and had to leave the room. I was terrified that my dog would hurt this sweet old guy. I didn’t think she had this kind of aggression in her to attack with no provocation. We will be calling a dog trainer this week to get this dealt with because I cannot live with the idea that she would hurt another animal.

We’re lucky neither dog was hurt, but I am angry at myself for not seeing this earlier, I am embarrassed that we have not trained her better, and I am worried about her future. We need to handle this.

My sick family

Apparently, I’m the only healthy one left in my little family. Feels like survival of the fittest. The smallest was the first to fall… and then the proudest. Mwahahaha!

But seriously, Lola is doing much better. No more projectile anything (thank GOD!) but she’s still not quite herself– she still needs meds, weird food, and a towel underneath her when she sleeps. Her limp just breaks my heart, but she will heal.

My husband, on the other hand, acts like he’s on death’s doorstep. Actually, that’s not true– he alternates. He’s on death’s doorstep, and then he’s giddy like a schoolgirl. I think it’s when he’s high on the multitude of meds he insists on taking. He has this hydrogen bomb analogy when I talk to him about the amount of meds he’s putting into his body. He keeps whispering something about “scorched earth”. It’s weird over here right now.

Needless to say, Mommy has a glass of wine right now while caring for her beleaguered crew, especially after the day with the munchkins she just had. Great. Now she’s talking about herself in the third person. Maybe she should lay off the wine…

Everyone will be fine. Lola will heal and stop needing to lay on towels and Brian will realize that a cold is not the same as the Grim Reaper, and normalcy shall return.

Since I’ve mocked him relentlessly in these few paragraphs, I should say that Brian really is ill. He’s just not the best patient– and he knows that. But it turns out, he’s a very good caretaker. So, when he heals and I catch whatever he has, I know I’ll be in good (and less sarcastic) hands 😉

Say a prayer for the Lundin household tonight– I’d appreciate it.

A full day

Today was a typically full Saturday for us, but it was a good one too.

The first part of the day was not great though. I woke up several times during the night to deal with the allergic reaction Lola had to one of her meds. To put it politely, let’s say that her digestive system was just 100% broken, and leave it at that. To deal with this, I spent almost two hours at the vet’s office getting her taken care of. An effective anti-nausea injection and a new prescription and we were out the door. She immediately felt better, and was even able to hold down dinner tonight. Very pleased about that outcome.

Lindsey spent sometime getting house stuff done and I ran to the grocery store to get the stuff for Lindsey’s great queso recipe. We made the queso, Lindsey’s sister came over and then we all went to a watch party for the OSU vs. TCU game at our friends Carlton and Lesley’s home. We had a great time watching OSU win after a slow start, and got to see some of our dearest friends.

After that I made fajitas while Lindsey and Mallory watched a movie. We had a good dinner and some sibling time. Mallory left and Lindsey went almost straight to sleep, and I’m not too far behind her.

All in all, great Saturday.

A hurting dog

20121025-203604.jpgWell, in the middle of a full morning we had a bit of excitement. I was taking Lola outside, and as she was going down the stairs I heard a yelp.

Lola doesn’t make a sound. In all the time I’ve owned her she has only barked once, yelped a handful of times, and hardly ever whines. So when I heard that yelp, I knew something was wrong. She took off before I could catch up with her, and she stood by the door looking normal. I put the leash on her, and opened the door. The minute she stepped outside I could tell something was off, when she didn’t go to the bathroom after bugging me I was worried. I got down on my knees and checked her over. Every thing looked okay until I got to one of her front paws, and noticed blood.

I kind of freaked out. I wasn’t hysterical or anything, I just realized I had no idea what to do to treat it. I picked her up, carried her to the bathroom. I looked her foot over and realized her dew claw had broken right at the base, but was still attached. I tried to bandage it, but I didn’t have anything that worked on a dog’s paw. I found a big square band-aid, wrestled her into submission and managed to get the wound covered. I called the vet, and headed out the door.

She’s fine now. She had to be sedated and she’s got a nice purple bandage for the next several days. She also has a nice collection of pain pills, so she’s going to be nice and comfy.

Honestly, I hated seeing my dog hurt. But it made me think, what is it like for a parent to see their kid hurt? I don’t think I can imagine it, and I don’t really want to. Kids aren’t in the plans yet, but they will be one day and I can already see how much we will love them. I’m looking forward to it.

A picture is worth a thousand words

I am sure by now you are sick of hearing how much stuff we have to do, and how tired we are. I mean, I’m sick of hearing myself talk about it. But, the reality is that’s all I got tonight. So, I’m appealing to the cheap ploy of a cute pet pic.

This picture of Lola, is a 100% accurate summary of how Lindsey and I both feel: exhausted. Thanks for reading this blog everyday. We really appreciate you all. Good night.

I just want her to love me

We’ve posted about Lola before, but I feel that the topic should be brought up again.

Lola is our dog. She was Brian’s dog. Prior to that, she was Brian’s ex’s dog. And prior to that, she was a puppy mill breeder dog– which is why Lola has some major issues.

I understand that Lola has major issues. I understand that Lola’s pivotal developmental years were spent in a traumatizing environment. I do. She ducks when we clank metal (like keys), she runs away and hides when we use fingernail clippers, and she does not play well with many other four legged creatures. Lola is a little screwed up.

I should accept that fact and move on. I should love her in her brokenness. And I do. I feed Lola. I take Lola out. We go on walks. I sneak her cheese (don’t tell Brian). These things Lola accepts. Sometimes, Lola will even play with me– BUT only when Brian is home and in the room with us. Because the sad truth is, unless Brian is in the same room as me, Lola won’t even look at me. I don’t exist.

When Brian goes upstairs, Lola goes upstairs. When Brian leaves the room, Lola leaves the room. And when Brian leaves the house, Lola sits by the door for hours, awaiting his  return. You may be thinking this is cute. Aww– Lola loves her master. So sweet– she’s so attached to him. 

Personally, I don’t think those thoughts. Nope. Instead, I do something really logical and  mature: I get my feelings hurt. Seriously. I’ve known this dog and her behavioral idiosyncrasies for over a year and still, I get my feelings hurt. Sometimes, I cry. Seriously.

I’ve considered getting us another dog– a dog that I raise and spoil so that it loves ME. But Lola is so non-social that it would have to be a really special dog. Plus, Lola is already a handful in the clean-up department and costs us a lot of money– do I want more clean-up and more expense? Probably not. But I do want the love of a dog.

There. I said it. That’s what this post is really about. It isn’t enough that my family loves me. It isn’t enough that Brian loves me. And it isn’t enough that the Lord above loves me enough to call me His own. Nope. Lindsey needs the love of a canine to feel complete. How sad is that?

I mean, really– what does this say about me? Where am I placing my own personal value if I cry because Lola wants to stay in her crate when Brian goes to work? I need a heart change. I need to be able to see how beautiful it is that she has attached to Brian, and that in this life where she was abused and scared and mistreated, she is able to love– that’s an awesome thing! And without puppy therapy! I need to be able to see her for the broken creature she is and love and care for her regardless of her response. I mean, that’s what I’m called to do with my neighbor, and what I’m called to do with my husband– so shouldn’t I be able to do that with Lola?

A rivalry?

This is our dog, Lola. We love her, she’s basically the best dog in the world. No… don’t argue with me. I’ll fight you over that.

Now, I had Lola before I met Lindsey, and Lindsey thinks the dog is really jealous. She’s gone back on her housebreaking a few times recently and Lindsey thinks that is what it is. But when Lindsey comes home Lola goes nuts for her. She runs around and wants to play. She won’t leave her alone.

I don’t know what to think, but my wife is convinced there is a rivalry brewing. I told her to be nice to the dog. How could you not with that face? 😉