‘Mad Men’ and Marriage

20120424-232928.jpgWatching ‘Mad Men’ with my husband is good for our marriage.

If you know anything about ‘Mad Men,’ this may seem strange to you, as the characters in this show do not tend to value, honor, or respect marriage at all. They cheat, they lie to each other, they abuse each other, they’re highly dysfunctional, and spouses seem to be somewhat disposable.

Sunday’s episode was especially depressing, and we found ourselves doing what we do during every episode now– pausing the DVR and telling each other we will never be that way, and we will never do that to one another.

Brian told me he would never drive off, leaving in a parking lot in the middle of an argument. I told Brian that it would never take an LSD trip for me to be able to tell him my true feelings. While this may seem a tad bizarre, we sit there by each other every week and realize how much we value the other and how grateful we truly are.

BRIAN ADDS: What Lindsey says is really true. The great thing about Mad Men is the honest view it takes of the immoral decisions of its characters, and the unflinching portrayal of the consequences. No other show on TV shows us how evil we can be, and how easily that evil can gain a foothold. It is a modern day morality play of the highest order.