We started our development programs at church today, and wow, they set a high bar. This will be a great time for us, but we knew it would be a commitment. Well, they delivered, and it’s good.

I’ll let Lindsey speak to the Women’s program later, but for the men’s we have class for 3+ hours every Wednesday, group meetings outside of that and several weekend commitments. It promises to be very tough, and a great learning experience. I don’t share this to brag at all, in all honestly I must confess that I feel quite a bit of trepidation about it. I’ve signed up for deep accountability, for an academic challenge and a lot of work. I know this will be great for us, but I also know it will be a challenge.

I have faith in our leaders and in God that he will use this time to help mine and Lindsey’s marriage, but our lives just got a whole lot busier too.