Marriage Mythbusters

We’re approaching 7 weeks into this marriage, and as you can tell from most of our posts we are loving it. Married life is great, and we will both tell you so.

However, as any other married person will attest, it’s not all kittens and rainbows. There are definitely challenges. So for today’s post we’re going to do a little myth-busting.

  • “You’re married, you don’t have problems anymore” My wife had this said to her, in jest, a few weeks ago. But, behind every joke there is some truth. As a former adherent to this one let me just say– not true at all. In fact, you know what marriage really does to your problems? It doubles them, because you’re a team now.
  • It will be easier to live the Christian life with someone there to hold me accountable all the time. Yep, this one is false too. Sure, there is gained accountability, and the cooperation that comes from a spouse who has the same spiritual goals, but it is not automatic. It it still striving as Paul talks about in Philippians. As a man I will also say, the burden of leadership falls heavy on you. When I fail her, it is so easy to slip into inordinate guilt and run from the sin rather than confess, repent and trust God to grow me. It doesn’t get any easier after the vows.

For the last two items, we ask that parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. all just stop here. Seriously. Thanks for visiting.

You’re sticking with it? Fine, we warned you.

  • I’ll have sex all the time as a newlywed. Yeah… not true. You’ll have a lot of fun, don’t worry. But if you are thinking this, just know that life, jobs, sleep, and all the other stuff grown-ups have to do will get in the way. It’s okay, you have the whole rest of your life.
  • Married sex is boring. Yeah, just…. no, it’s not. Not at all. That’s all I’m going to say.