He brags

After class tonight at church, Brian and I were talking to a friend of ours from the Austin Stone Story Team.

When we finished with our Story Team business, Brian got really excited and wanted to share some news. But the news he shared wasn’t his news, it was mine. Brian was bragging about me.

Just when I thought he was done, he started up again, “Oh hey, did Lindsey tell you about…?” He just kept on bragging!

I don’t know why that’s so strange to me– I’m get really proud of him, too. My husband is proud of me. So proud he can’t keep his mouth shut 😉 It makes me feel so loved– he knows me, he knows my life, he pays attention. My joys are his joys. My successes are his.

I love this part of marriage, this part of being one.


We clebrated six months last week, so Saturday night, Brian took me to Uchiko.

Uchiko is one of our favorite places. It has amazing sushi and a wonderful atmosphere. It is also the place he took me on the night he proposed to me. I referred to it as returning to the scene of the crime.

We were adorable. We smiled and laughed and held hands. We talked about that night so long ago– how I knew what he was up to, how he had to wear a jacket in order to hide the ring box, the thoughts that were running through our heads. Then we talked about the last six months and how much our lives have changed. We kept telling the other that we loved them. Brian kept telling me how beautiful I am.

On Sunday, I could feel the effects of our date. We needed a night like that– a night to reconnect and remember. Even though we only left the house for church yesterday, we were so in love as I did housework and he studied. We were swoony and smitten and probably gross in the eyes of cynics– good thing none of those live in our house.

I love my husband. I have loved the past six months. I can’t wait for the years and years ahead. We are some crazy-blessed people.

A rose by any other name

I was joking with two teachers about names today. We were making both of their names sound a little ghetto. A little street. Tough. You know, because that’s so necessary where we teach… 😉

Anyways, at one point, they turned to me. They toyed with my first name. It didn’t work. No matter what you emphasized or how you said it, I didn’t sound like a thug. Nope. Sad.

Then they turned to my last name.

My last name still seems new to me. And in my new workplace, they only know my new name. I’m getting used to it. I can tell because I’ve only slipped up once when speaking about myself in the third person (something I do often in the classroom). Don’t judge– it’s effective for think-alouds.

So they said it. Then they said it again. And you know what? My last name really didn’t sound ghetto at all. Nope. Not in the least.

Then suddenly, one of them turned to me and said that my last name was cool. I smiled. I thought about it. You know what? My name– first or last– will never sound ghetto or tough or anything even close to that realm. But as for the cool part, I would definitely have to agree 🙂

We missed it!

Monday was a special day. It marked something important for us. Monday was September 10th– six months after the day we were married. But we missed it.

We’ve been crazy busy. I guess with the OK trip this past weekend and all the nutty work stuff, it just slipped our minds. But in true female fashion, I will now make sure we mark it 😉 (A girl’s gotta do what she can to sneak in a date night every now and then…)

So, on Saturday, my handsome husband will be taking me to the scene of the crime– to the place he took me the night I got this sparkly ring and he got down on one knee. I’m pretty excited. I love me some sushi and some romance.

Six months. Sigh. We made it half a year. Half a whole year. It feels pretty epic right now. You veterans are laughing, I’m sure, but it’s big for us. Half a whole year!

For half a whole year we’ve lived side by side, day in and day out. We’ve learned each other’s habits and eccentricities. We’ve experienced a myriad of the other’s moods, highs, lows, struggles, and victories. We’ve been to a beach, some hospitals, the Big Apple, parties, dinners, sermons, conferences, and on errands. We both changed jobs. We both made mistakes.

And every day, one of us sits down to write about it.

Thank you for hanging out with us for the first half a whole year. Stick around. I feel like the adventure may only just be beginning…


Crazy in love day

We had a “crazy in love” day today. We were such newlyweds– giggly, cuddly, and smitten. This is the point where you either respond with an awww or an eye roll. Do so now.

I don’t know what brings these on. I don’t know if it’s an absence of them or an actual incident that causes these days. No matter what, they’re always welcome.


Today was a travel day. Those are tough. For me, I always feel a little on the nauseous side and greasy. Can’t explain it– it’s just true.

We took the subway, then a train, then an air train, then two planes, a shuttle bus, and finally a car– but we made it. Brian watches out for me when we travel– he lifts my bags up into the overhead storage, makes me walk in front of him in crowds, and I see him eyeing sketchy or suspicious persons. He makes me feel protected and loved, even though he’s short and blunt with his replies. He’s a man on a mission, and I accept that.

While waiting at Chicago O’Hare, I realized what today is. Today marks four whole months of wedded-ness. Feels like longer, we both decided with smiles. We made it a third of a year. It’s a nice chunk.

On travel days, we sit in silence a lot. We’ll have books or iPhones in our hands to occupy ourselves. I’ll lay my head on the shoulder of my voracious reader and snooze while he devours a novel or some blogs. It’s nice. Comfortable.

We both had the same moment today, independently. We both had a– gosh, this is my forever person– moment. It’s still weird, sometimes, to look at this man and try to wrap a brain around “the rest of my life.” I chuckled when I found out Brian had that moment, too. The newness hasn’t worn off, I guess.

We ended the day with a late dinner of Chuy’s To Go, eaten on the coffee table, followed by rolling back on the couch, holding our midsections, and groaning happily– our personal treat for surviving the day-o-travel. NYC was wonderful, but Dorothy said it best when she tapped those ruby slippers together…

There’s no place like home.

Date night

20120615-213642.jpgI say, “Date night.”

Brian hears, “Unknown expectations.”

What I’m looking for– a special night set aside to connect and focus on our relationship.

What he hears– another night where just hanging out is not enough. She wants something special and he sometimes doesn’t know what.

This is still a work in progress. It was the topic of MUCH conversation today. We settled on a sushi dinner (yum!) and a favorite pub. That’s where we are now.

We’re definitely still working on the communication. Brian wants me to be explicit, while I want him to be creative and spontaneous (and sort of read my mind– let’s be honest…). But tonight has been wonderful.

We also currently have a bet on the table. High stakes. We’ll let you know how it goes 😉

We’re even!

So… I did something embarrassing. Mortifying, even.

Brian was there, and ultimately, had a very unique role in the recovery from the incident. I have hated this fact. I have hated that I did something so embarrassing that my face turns red to this day and Brian was there to see it. Ugh! I am supposed to be beautiful and lovely and classy all the time, but will never fully be because of the embarrassing moment that will forever be etched on the memory of my husband.

But yesterday, things changed. We’re even. Brian had his own equally mortifying moment, and though I didn’t have to take a special role in his like he took in mine, I was a witness and that is enough.

I know that we swore we won’t keep score in our marriage. We said that we won’t trade favors and we will not keep a mental tally sheet. We will love and serve the other regardless of what was done for us. But this score is different and I cherish the fact that now we are even 🙂

We will never share the other’s embarrassing moment with strangers. We are sworn to secrecy– so don’t even try it. We will keep the moments confidential and only pick on each other playfully in private.

And I will smile knowing that at least in my own world, everything feels a bit more equitable today 😉

One year ago today

Today is the anniversary of my first date with Brian Lundin. We have now officially known each other for an entire year.

We went back to the scene of the crime tonight– to the restaurant where we first met. Over dinner we talked about the changes that have occurred in the past year. We talked about how our lives have changed, how we ourselves have changed, and how we have changed each other. We also talked about what we want for the next year of our life together. It was wonderful. Truly.

We also talked about the night we first met. Brian and I met on eHarmony. We had spoken on the phone once– one very long conversation– before we met in person. I was a nervous wreck walking into Moonshine that night, hoping that the chemistry we had on the phone was not fleeting. He was waiting on a long leather bench when I arrived. I sat next to him and we began to talk. Three things stood out to me instantly:

  1. His shirt was neatly pressed.
  2. He was wearing a nice pair of cowboy boots.
  3. He was drinking a Shiner.

This guy was responsible, charming, and had great taste. This was going to go well.

Then we started talking. We spent the entire first half hour talking about 18th and 19th century literature, and then easily transitioned into Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I couldn’t believe it– this was too good to be true. But the conversation just kept getting better– we talked about faith, family, guns, fishing, food– and with every new topic, I wondered how this was even possible.

I texted my mother and sister from the bathroom “I met the one!” Turns out, Brian told his mother something similar the next day on the phone. We knew that night that this was something special. I don’t know that if you would have told us that night that we would be married and living together in a year that we would have believed you, but we both knew that we didn’t want the night to end.

We took our conversation to a nearby bar and just kept going. I was still telling myself to be cool and not to blow this. He was just so incredible. When he drove me back to my car at the end of the night, Brian turned to me and said something that will now live in infamy for the remainder of our days here on earth, “So, here’s what’s gonna happen…”

Brian proceeded to tell me that he was going to kiss me, that I was going to walk back to my car, and we were going to talk the next day. And that’s what he did. His gutsy move paid off.

I tried to be smooth walking back to my car. But right before I got in, I jumped up and down– I just couldn’t help it. Brian saw this from his car. He did not hear my screams the second I closed the car door, but he had witnessed enough to know that he was in.

I had his words engraved on the inside of his wedding ring. It literally reads, “So, here’s what’s gonna happen.” I know it isn’t grammatically correct, but it just means so much to me. Brian took charge of the moment. He saw something he wanted and went after it. I want him to always carry this with him. I want him to always remember that feeling.

Prior to that date, we were both doubting that we would would ever find that special someone. So, on that first date, we knew that what we had just found was precious and not something to fool around with. My wish is that every time Brian looks at the inside of his ring, he remembers that first night– that he remembers how it felt to connect to each other and that desire to grab onto this thing and never let go.

Tonight at Moonshine

The dress

I put my wedding dress back on today.

We arranged this before the wedding– our photographers call it a “day after” shoot. You put the dress and the tux back on and take more relaxed photos together.

It became even more important to me when the monsoon came on our wedding day and we didn’t get any of the outdoor photos I wanted together. Today we had a blue sky, tons of interesting clouds, and a significant amount of wind (which made things difficult at times but I think really added to some of the shots).

It was strange and comforting to put the dress back on. I am not the same size I was a month ago, so I was a tad fearful, but the second I put it on, memories of the happiest day of my life came flooding back. I wore that dress the day I became a wife, the day Brian and I became a “we.”

Brian couldn’t take his eyes off of me all day. I’ve never felt more beautiful than in the past seven weeks. Brian tells me how beautiful I am all the time. I heard evil whispers in my head after I cut my hair saying that my beauty was gone. And then a sweet voice inside me told the evil voice that my beauty was never in my hair in the first place. Brian makes that sweet voice inside speak louder every time he tells me that he loves me and that I am his and that he is blessed to have me as his wife.

In a few years, I hope I that the sweet voice has grown so strong and loud that I can hardly hear that evil voice at all.