“It’s the same thing…”

Lindsey looked at me, semi-exasperated. “It’s just the same thing all over, ‘We’re really busy. School is about to start. We’re really stressed.’ There’s nothing new.”

She’s right.

We were talking about tonight’s blog post. We’ve reached almost five months of marriage and we are starting to see how not every day is some exotic or unique challenge. But that’s okay, that is real life.

Of course this brings up a different challenge for us than most folks, as we have this ‘blog every day’ commitment. So, after a run of days like we have had this boredom, good, normal, and stable boredom, means that there is just not a lot to say sometimes.

So, friends, family, and the other folks out there following us, let me take this opportunity to thank you for hanging with us over the last week. We appreciate it and we will have some more exciting stuff coming soon.