Olympics, Day 2


Today was full of two things for me, the Olympics and church. That’s all I did.

Lindsey tried to hang with me on the Olympics from the beginning of the day, but she suffered from two key handicaps. First, her interest in Olympics sports only extends to, well, really, only gymnastics. Second, her multi-tasking skills are not quite up to my ADD-fueled level.

Why are these two things handicaps? For most of the day I had three screens going. With the full live streams for every event, the iPad app and the handy Grantland guide to the weekend I was fully plugged in all day. I had one event on the TV, another on the iPad and was on the laptop looking up facts and stories, and sometimes the rules to unfamiliar sports.

What did I end up watching? Well, sports that rated at least 5 minutes of my time today:

  • Archery
  • Badminton
  • Fencing
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • 3 Day Event (Dressage)
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Diving
  • Weightlifting
  • Basketball
  • Water Polo

As you can probably guess, it became a little much for Lindsey. ūüôā At some point after lunch she bailed and went upstairs to get some housecleaning done. I love that she understands the difference between us and let me enjoy my every few year guilty pleasure. I will certainly be paying her back for the understanding.


London calling

The Lundin household stands resolutely in the¬†Anglophile¬†camp. We love the UK. Lindsey studied at Oxford and I have traveled England a good bit. I cheer for and follow the English soccer team just as much as I do the US team. Add in the fact that we are huge readers and the British Isles have quite the outsized contribution to English literature… well, I think you get the picture.

So, tonight was quite the event for us. With the opening ceremony for London getting underway we decided to celebrate with authentic British food and drink. We made fish and chips from scratch and had Bass ale and Strongbow to drink. The fries weren’t¬†perfect, but the fish was! ¬†It was my first time frying it like this, but I promise it will not be the last.

Lindsey loves a good theme, so tonight was right up her alley. Lindsey went on a hunt for some deliciousness from Great Britain and scored. She first discovered newspaper frying liners for our fish and chips, and then authentic British pub mats (coasters). Once she found Cadbury chocolates and Walker’s shortbread, our meal was complete. She even decorated the pint glasses!

Lindsey made quick work of getting the potatoes into frying shape, and I manned the stove for the frying. We had a blast getting dinner ready. We sat down to eat, flipped on the Olympics and settled in for the evening.

I love that we share the same interests. I love that we can undertake these little projects and themes. I simply enjoy the time with my wife, relaxing, laughing and just having a great Friday night at home. I’m blessed.