A hurting dog

20121025-203604.jpgWell, in the middle of a full morning we had a bit of excitement. I was taking Lola outside, and as she was going down the stairs I heard a yelp.

Lola doesn’t make a sound. In all the time I’ve owned her she has only barked once, yelped a handful of times, and hardly ever whines. So when I heard that yelp, I knew something was wrong. She took off before I could catch up with her, and she stood by the door looking normal. I put the leash on her, and opened the door. The minute she stepped outside I could tell something was off, when she didn’t go to the bathroom after bugging me I was worried. I got down on my knees and checked her over. Every thing looked okay until I got to one of her front paws, and noticed blood.

I kind of freaked out. I wasn’t hysterical or anything, I just realized I had no idea what to do to treat it. I picked her up, carried her to the bathroom. I looked her foot over and realized her dew claw had broken right at the base, but was still attached. I tried to bandage it, but I didn’t have anything that worked on a dog’s paw. I found a big square band-aid, wrestled her into submission and managed to get the wound covered. I called the vet, and headed out the door.

She’s fine now. She had to be sedated and she’s got a nice purple bandage for the next several days. She also has a nice collection of pain pills, so she’s going to be nice and comfy.

Honestly, I hated seeing my dog hurt. But it made me think, what is it like for a parent to see their kid hurt? I don’t think I can imagine it, and I don’t really want to. Kids aren’t in the plans yet, but they will be one day and I can already see how much we will love them. I’m looking forward to it.

So… we’re a little different

There’s this romantic movie out right now and the trailer keeps playing on TV. Brian makes noises every time it comes on. There’s an army guy and he finds a girl whose picture saved his life or something along those lines. I may hear an “Ugh!” or an “Oh geez…” or my personal favorite, “Girls are so weird!”

The movie appeals to me. There’s a man who falls in love with a girl he’s never met and then searches her out. There’s the connection, there’s the pursuit, and then as the trailer promises– there’s passion. Of course I want to see it! But this fact is shear insanity to my husband. He informed me tonight that I’m wired all wrong.

And now as if to further illustrate our vast differences, after a dinner and ‘How I Met Your Mother” together, we find ourselves on separate floors of the house equally content with our own versions of fun.

My husband is downstairs at the kitchen table making flies for fly fishing. Look at the pictures– it’s super dorky! He can’t help himself. When he wants to learn something new, he can’t just try it out– he must master it. So, no store-bought flies for this fisherman– he’s making them himself from dyed patches of deer pelt. True story.

Me? I’m upstairs, equally content with my own version of fun. I chopped all my hair off today and bought a microderm abrasion set. I’m such a girl right now. I have to see what curls look like, what straight looks like, what my shortened ponytail looks like. And next I get to play with my new kit and spend some time treating my skin. I’m elated. When I told this to Brian, he looked at me like I was a crazy person, hugged me, and told me that he loves me.

Boys are girls are different. And the longer we live together, the more differences will rise to the surface. And maybe I am “wired all wrong” in the eyes of my husband, but if pressed, he would tell you that he wouldn’t have me any other way. I’m sure of it 😉



A few pics from the honeymoon


Today was our first day back to work and we’ve had a lot to do today, I’m going to post a few pictures from the honeymoon.

On the beach

Hanging out on the beach…

This is the first time I checked the box. 🙂

The view from our balcony

This is where we were writing our blog posts from. I’d be a lot more prolific if this was my permanent spot.

A great spot we had at the end of the beach

There were some amazing peacocks roaming the ground. It was really cool to see them every day.