Today was a good day

Today was a great Sunday. We went to see The Avengers last night (go see it, seriously, no matter who you are) and got to bed late. So our plan was, quite literally, no plan.

We woke up around 10am, well I did anyway. Lindsey was up and relaxing by doing the little chores around the house that make her feel better. For the record, I don’t see how this is considered relaxing, but given the benefits I won’t argue. I got up and she made me pancakes and coffee. Awesome.

I spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing my office/library. It’s been a mess for weeks and I’ve taken to working at the kitchen table on my work from home days. I finally decided that enough was enough and got to work. We have not figured out how to merge Lindsey’s sizable library with my own, but that is a much bigger problem for a different day.

Grading consumed Lindsey this afternoon, and I think she made a lot of progress. I say I think because I don’t ever ask questions like that. Keeping up with grading English students appears to be quite the sisyphean task, so I just don’t ask.

We went to church and saw most of our community group there. We love going to the services with them and getting to worship together and spend some more time with them. It was really a great time today at the Stone.

Finally we came home with Thai takeout, watched Game of Thrones together, and Lindsey is sitting at the table next to me planning the week’s meals for a grocery trip tomorrow while I write this post.

Days like this have been few and far between since we have been married. We have been so busy, had so many commitments and dealt with so many (external to our marriage) challenges that a day like today was a true blessing. So we are enjoying it while it lasts, and hoping another day like today comes along soon.