A full day

Today was a typically full Saturday for us, but it was a good one too.

The first part of the day was not great though. I woke up several times during the night to deal with the allergic reaction Lola had to one of her meds. To put it politely, let’s say that her digestive system was just 100% broken, and leave it at that. To deal with this, I spent almost two hours at the vet’s office getting her taken care of. An effective anti-nausea injection and a new prescription and we were out the door. She immediately felt better, and was even able to hold down dinner tonight. Very pleased about that outcome.

Lindsey spent sometime getting house stuff done and I ran to the grocery store to get the stuff for Lindsey’s great queso recipe. We made the queso, Lindsey’s sister came over and then we all went to a watch party for the OSU vs. TCU game at our friends Carlton and Lesley’s home. We had a great time watching OSU win after a slow start, and got to see some of our dearest friends.

After that I made fajitas while Lindsey and Mallory watched a movie. We had a good dinner and some sibling time. Mallory left and Lindsey went almost straight to sleep, and I’m not too far behind her.

All in all, great Saturday.

Study dates

With our new development courses, we’ve got a lot of studying to do. We’ve studied at home and away from home together. Though I’m not sure it’s the most productive of the two, the studying away from home has been my favorite.

This past weekend, Brian and I went on a study date. (Awww! I know!) We went to Thunderbird Coffee and sat across the table from one another. We each read from our gigantic books while annotating, taking notes, and sipping coffee. It was wonderful!

The only downside (if it even is one!) is that we kept wanting to talk to one another about the reading. This is a good thing– we’re excited about what we’re learning, and it is a great reinforcer to talk about the material. Plus, I just love talking to my husband 🙂

Turns out, we think alike. We both ended up taking pictures of the other while stuyding. Dorky, but true. Brian managed to capture my furrowed brow in his shot– so we may need to include that in a future post 🙂

Market Days

I got up much earlier than someone who went to a show last night should, and drove out to Wimberley to join my parents at Market Days. My parents have a booth where they sell “vintage and collectibles,” which also includes odds, ends, and anything that someone may want to buy. My mom’s resale passion is the vintage kitchen stuff, my dad’s is tools/outdoor equipment.

It was a great day. I hadn’t seen my mom since last month’s Market Days. In fact, I haven’t done much other that school and church activities since then. We shouldn’t go that long without seeing each other.

My mom is one of my most favorite people. I love talking to her and laughing with her. We did a lot of both today. I didn’t sell very many items of my own, but that’s not why I go out there. I go out there to sit next to my mom and spend a day by her side. I’m blessed to have a mom I’m proud to claim and love to be around.

One of the best parts of the booth is filling it. Mom and I love a trip to Goodwill. She’s also a garage sale pro– it’s kind of amazing. Last summer we even went on a “trash tour” where we went all over Texas and Oklahoma looking for treasure. We think of it that way– our findings are our treasures. I haven’t been treasure hunting since school started and I miss it.

I found a treasure to bring home today– it’s the blue tin in the picture where I appear excited. I am, in fact, excited about it. It’s a Blue Magic Krispy Kan– it has a special top that keeps contents crispy. I really just wanted it for its color– a personal favorite. My husband was not as excited when I brought it home. “What is that for?” he asked. It’s for awesomeness. Duh.

I talked about Brian a ton today. Turns out I’m a fan, or something. It causes me to ramble and brag. Moms like to hear those things, though. She’s got a happy daughter who is well take care of– turns out moms like that sort of thing. And Scripture tells us that our speech is an overflow of our hearts– looks like I’ve got a lot of Brian in mine 🙂

I’ve included some photos from around the booth so readers can have an idea of what we do out there. These are only a couple of items out of hundreds. There’s also a pic of me and Mom– fellow treasure hunter and best friend.

Recovering on a Saturday

Well, if you’ve been reading the blog this week you know that it was a very long one. Lindsey had her first week in a new job, and I led one of the most important efforts of my career to its (almost) completion in less than two weeks. It’s really been crazy around here.

Today we spent a good portion of the day together. We crashed early last night and got a good night’s sleep, in fact I think I broke through the 12 hour mark. We got up, had a slow morning, and had a late breakfast at Torchy’s. It was basically a really great Saturday.

Tonight, after spending the day together in the most chill way possible, Lindsey commented that we haven’t spent this much time together in weeks. She’s right, and it felt weird.

Summer had us spoiled. I was working from home a lot, Lindsey was around the house and it was great. Then she got her miracle job and I got swamped. We were pulled back into the real world.

So today, this day to spend time together, was absolutely required. It was perfect.

I imagine the trick to a healthy marriage is exactly what we have been told: keep our eyes on God, trust him, love and serve each other. It’s working so far, I know it is. But there are some weeks, this one most of all, that it seems like it’s working awfully slow.

But we know it’s working.

Lazy Saturdays

Roasted Garlic, Onion and Red Pepper Pizza

Today has been a really great day for me, and maybe a bit less for Lindsey. We were out late last night with our good friend, Laura, and did not get to sleep until many, many hours after Lindsey’s normal bedtime. I’m very much a night owl, and my sweet wife is the exact opposite. We did not wake up until late this morning/midday.

From my point of view it was a great day. We slept in, laid around in bed and just relaxed until after noon. We made a homemade, delicious pizza for lunch and spent the afternoon enjoying a lazy Saturday.  It was great.

But not great for Lindsey. Don’t get me wrong she had a good day, but it was not refreshing for her like it was for me.  I think it actually makes her more tired to sleep in and be lazy. It’s like we are opposites or something.

For Lindsey it’s better if she gets up and gets her day started. She’s happiest when she has made a dent in her to-do list before I even want to open my eyes. As a result, our slow day really had her in a bit of a downer mood. Maybe not downer, but certainly not her perky self. She would have much rather been out and about together, getting things done and doing “Austin things”. I enjoyed the peace and quiet at home.

So, we need to figure this out. How do we spend a weekend together– because we need that time together– but still get each of our very different relaxation days in? I’m not sure yet, but we’re certainly working on it.

Sweet recollections

Brian and I watched the Kentucky Derby today.

Watching the Derby was a tradition that Brian had with his Grandpa Downey. His grandfather had been a jockey at one point and loved horses. He instilled this love into Brian as he taught him to ride and appreciate these amazing creatures.

Later in life the two of them would watch the Derby together and talk about the horses and the potential outcome. Even after Brian moved to Texas, they would talk on the phone multiple times that day as they watched the coverage that precedes the race. This is a precious memory that Brian holds dear.

In true Derby fashion, the race should be accompanied by a mint julep. But when Brian asked the produce guy if he could look in the back for more mint, he discovered the store was sold out– something about a horse race. Hmm. I suggested he try buying a mint plant at the Home Depot next door, and in true Brian fashion, we came home with our own herb garden and will now be growing our own herbs. That way, when the mint sells out next year on Derby Day, it will not affect the Lundin household 🙂

The actual race wasn’t scheduled until 5pm, but there is all day coverage that leads up to the race. There are touching stories about the horses and their owners and trainers. There are history highlights and interviews. My personal favorite was when they would talk about the hats– and I decided that I need an occasion to wear a ridiculous hat. Pretty excited about that.

As the race approached, I stopped piddling in the kitchen to come sit in the living room with Brian. He made mint juleps for the both of us. I am not a whisky drinker in any shape or form, but I took mine gladly and took tiny sip after tiny sip, trying my best to not made a face after each.

The Derby was a very exciting two minutes. I got into it much more than I had anticipated (I’m sure the emotional stories I watched about the horses had something to do with it). But more than anything, I knew that Brian wanted me there– it was important that I experience this with him.

This day brings back memories of so many of these days for Brian. He loved his Grandpa Downey so very much and often tells me how much he wishes I could have known him. But I feel like I do, in a way. Every time Brian talks about horseback riding, I learn more about Grandpa. Every time he talks about Derby days past, I learn about Grandpa. When he showed me his grandfather’s Bible with all of the notes and cards and pictures stored inside, I learned about Grandpa. With every story and memory, I begin to see Grandpa Downey even more clearly– through Brian’s eyes. And I can’t think of any better way to get to know someone who is gone, than through the sweet recollections of a grandson who loved his grandfather so dearly.

I know that one day I’ll meet Grandpa Downey. We’ll be in heaven praising Jesus together forever. I hope that in the same way that Brian tells me about him, I’ll get to tell Grandpa Downey about the Brian that he wasn’t here for– the Brian who got married and made me the happiest woman in the world, and the Brian who makes mint juleps on Derby Day with the mint in his herb garden. I hope he gets to see Brian through the sweet recollections of the one who loved him dearly.

The dress

I put my wedding dress back on today.

We arranged this before the wedding– our photographers call it a “day after” shoot. You put the dress and the tux back on and take more relaxed photos together.

It became even more important to me when the monsoon came on our wedding day and we didn’t get any of the outdoor photos I wanted together. Today we had a blue sky, tons of interesting clouds, and a significant amount of wind (which made things difficult at times but I think really added to some of the shots).

It was strange and comforting to put the dress back on. I am not the same size I was a month ago, so I was a tad fearful, but the second I put it on, memories of the happiest day of my life came flooding back. I wore that dress the day I became a wife, the day Brian and I became a “we.”

Brian couldn’t take his eyes off of me all day. I’ve never felt more beautiful than in the past seven weeks. Brian tells me how beautiful I am all the time. I heard evil whispers in my head after I cut my hair saying that my beauty was gone. And then a sweet voice inside me told the evil voice that my beauty was never in my hair in the first place. Brian makes that sweet voice inside speak louder every time he tells me that he loves me and that I am his and that he is blessed to have me as his wife.

In a few years, I hope I that the sweet voice has grown so strong and loud that I can hardly hear that evil voice at all.

The first Saturday

Today was our first Saturday together. Well, the first real one anyway– since last Saturday was spent traveling. We wanted to do it right– so we somehow managed to be equally restful and fun. Go Lundins!

We started out the morning sleeping in a bit and then headed to the farmer’s market. Brian has this vision for us to eat real, organic, healthy food, and the book he reread on the honeymoon kept mentioning a farmer’s market. This one did not resemble any farmer’s market I’ve ever been to, with only two organic vegetable booths out of the twenty, but it was delightful. We bought a whole duck, which I think may become its own post in the days to come.

Then, we met friends at Alamo Drafthouse for The Hunger Games. It was good but you should read the book– as always. And this is the most magical part of the day– we managed to fit in an entire couple’s nap. It was a good one and it allowed us to rest up for the trek to Dripping Springs.

Dinner at the ranch was great– my first trip out there since the wedding. We had a wonderful visit, caught up on the past two weeks, met Mallory’s new boyfriend, and devoured a scrumptious meal. We then loaded up the car with as many of my personal belongings as would fit (I’m still in the process of moving) and came home.

We fit a lot in, but still had a pretty chill day. I think I’m going to like the whole married-Saturday-thing.