Another normal Saturday

Lindsey’s brother Daniel picking up washers after a round

There is really nothing special to report about today. If you were looking for excitement and fireworks, I hate to be such a disappointment but it is true.

This morning we got up and helped out good friend Laura move, long with our friends Abby and Kerrie. It was a good quick move as Laura has drastically downsized her life recently. We really admire how she is focusing on her priorities and changing her life to match them. It is really encouraging to see.

After getting her stuff into her new place we all had lunch and then Lindsey and I went home. I took a nap and Lindsey did a yeoman’s job around the house. I didn’t know that she was going to do that, but it was a very nice surprise.

This evening we went out to her parents ranch and had dinner with the whole family and her grandparents from Houston. It was a really nice time of hanging out and catching up. We dragged out the washers (for the uninitiated it’s a throwing game like horseshoes) after the sun went down and had a really fun time.

We just got home a little while ago and Lindsey is out like a light. I’m going to catch up on the Olympic happenings from the day and probably stay up too late.

See? Another normal Saturday.

Dinner tonight

Lindsey, making a killer risotto

We got up this morning and went to the farmer’s market. The selection of veggies is getting more diverse every week through the spring. We found some great stuff, including a never-before-seen (to us, at least) purple bell pepper. We also got some really nice scallops fresh from the Gulf from our new fish guy.

Yep, we have a fish guy. His name is Scott.

After an afternoon hanging out at the house (me) and shopping (guess who) we went to HEB to get our groceries for the week. As we always do now we spent about an hour studying ingredient lists and joking about anything and everything. This is also a surprisingly good thing for me. I used to hate the grocery store, but honestly I enjoy going with my wife. She makes everything we do better. It’s awesome.

Mmmm, who doesn’t love cheese, olives and cured meats?

We came home, made up a plate of fantastic snacks, opened a bottle of wine and started cooking together. Lindsey is really good in the kitchen and I love to cook so it works out well. We’re still learning some of our little habits, but we work together well and have a good time cooking.

As nice as it was to be cooking together, it was even better to sit down, talk and just get to spend some time together. Today was most certainly a blessing.

There is something important in the rhythms of life. By trying to spend our Saturdays together like this we are trying to be in sync and experience them together and fully. Today we had a day for us, where we go through our days together, knowing when to do our own thing but also sharing meals, time and laughter together.  I appreciate our time together on these days more than I could have imagined before getting married.

Scallops, risotto and some really great, local squash

A Normal Saturday

IMG 0166

I spent the morning fishing on Brushy Creek. After a long week in Tulsa, I thought the break would be nice. I ended up spending about 5 hours fishing at a couple of my favorite spots.

It was a good morning to fish, even though none of the new flies I tied over the last few weeks worked for me. It was relaxing to get out there and forget about everything but chasing some Guadalupe bass. I caught a few, but taking iPhone pictures while wading makes me nervous, so you’ll have to settle for a view of the creek instead of my catches.

Lindsey spent the morning at her family’s booth at Wimberley Market Days. She had a good day and enjoyed it as always.

It’s nice to be able to go and do the things we love on our own. I haven’t asked Lindsey about this yet, but I am finding that mornings spent apart like this don’t make me glad to be away, but rather make me enjoy our times together more.

So, when I got back home and she was not far behind we had a great afternoon. We got the house ready for our family lunch tomorrow (she did more of that than I…), we went to the grocery store, and I made some pretty killer tequila fish tacos. It was a pretty great, normal Saturday.

We are both really looking forward to tomorrow. The Austin Stone is having our big Easter service at the Erwin Center. Lindsey’s family is coming with us and then coming over for a big, home-cooked lunch. It will be our first time hosting family in our home as “the Lundins.” All in all, it should be a pretty great day celebrating the Resurrection.