We make a good team

Even though this week was a vacation for both of us there was still a lot to be done. We have more Christmas celebrations this weekend to get ready for, a bowl game next week, and all of the activity that comes with hanging out with my family for a week. It’s been busy.

But we make a great team. I think Lindsey does most of the hard work to be honest, but we work well together. Today had a multitude of errands, coordination with my whole family, and two photo printing places that could not print photos. It also featured packing up a week’s worth of stuff in a short period of time. Right now we are heading to sleep to get ready for an early start.

It’s days like this, with all of the to-dos and obligations that remind how blessed I am to have a girl like this as my wife. She is a great planner and is always looking at the details– basically two things I need help with when not at work. She’s a great woman, and the better half of a good team.