I was wrong

DowntonAbbeyTonight was the season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey. Lindsey and I were ready and waiting for it and it did not disappoint. Are you surprised I included myself there? Well, you shouldn’t be.

When Lindsey first started watching the show I rolled my eyes a bit. Then, I started joking about it and teasing her. I mean, it’s just a British version of a soap opera. Besides, I reasoned, PBS likes to seem all hoity-toity, even if the appeal is low-brow. I really didn’t give her much room on it.

Then I actually watched an episode.

And I got hooked.


After many apologies Lindsey was relieved and happy to have me watch it with her. And I like it, I really do. Yes, it’s nothing more than a primetime-esque soap opera. No, it does not cover any new ground. Yes, there is a part of us that knows that just because something is said in an English accent it only sounds smarter. Whatever. I’m a fan.

So tonight we sat on the couch, had a couple drinks, and enjoyed the made up world of Downton Abbey. It was good. It was good for us, too.

Friday Night Lights

If you know my wife, or have read this blog at all, you know that Lindsey does not like sports. She tolerates them well, but if she didn’t love me I’m sure she would never watch another football game in her life.

Which is why I was surprised when she fell in love with Friday Night Lights a few weeks ago. I watched the show when it was on the air and loved it, and I thought she would like it but I was afraid there would be too much football.

There almost was. She was rolling her eyes during the pilot, and I’m almost certain I heard a snore at one point. She looked really skeptical when I told her there would be a little less football in the future. Then, the penultimate scene.

I won’t give anything away because I don’t want to spoil it in case you have not seen it (because you really should), but in the final scenes of the pilot all the things that hit my wife and the heart came to life. Victory, a tinge of sadness, a promise of good things to come and a brand new underdog. She was hiding tears by the time the credits rolled.

It’s a fun part of marriage, introducing each other to the things we love. I don’t think Lindsey would have given that show a shot, because she barely did on my recommendation  But now she can’t watch anything else. We’re too busy form much TV, so she’s not powering through it, but she’s certainly not watching anything else.

She’s fallen in love with Coach Taylor and his crew, and that’s fine with me. Fake football is better than no football.


20120908-222832.jpgThe word of the day has been “Dish” as in, Dish Network. We’re in Oklahoma City for an alumni meeting for my fraternity, and OSU is playing Arizona, in Tucson, tonight.

Because of the state of TV contracts the only network carrying the game is Dish. Turns out,no one, not even most sports bars, have Dish.

After calling what seemed like half of OKC we found a ghetto pool hall, along with several hundred other OSU fans, that has Dish. We’re packed in here, the staff is overwhelmed, but at least we get to see the game.

Lindsey is a trooper with this, although a tired one. She doesn’t care about this stuff, but she does because I do. I really appreciate her. 🙂