After blogging every day of our marriage for the first year, we took a break for a few Enlightenmentmonths. We don’t have a full plan yet for how we will continue this blog, but we are continuing it.

Thank you to all of our followers and subscribers. We really appreciate the support. We will be back very soon with new posts on a sure to be irregular schedule. 🙂



Here is the update on the Lindsey’s first hospital visit post:

We got the results of my bone marrow biopsy last night and though there are abnormalities  (we all know I’m a little “different” 😉 ), I do not have the any of the scary possible outcomes. I most likely have a manageable blood condition, though I will know more when we go in on Monday to speak with my hematologist. He’ll also talk to us about how we’ll proceed from here.

This is a relief and a blessing, and I am so grateful for all of the prayers and support. God has been so present through the entire thing and He told me that even if there was a scary outcome, everything would still be alright. And, as you all know, I can’t say enough about my husband…