Back home

For the last couple of days we were in Las Vegas. It was Lindsey’s first trip out there, and it was my, well, not my first trip. I always enjoy trips to Vegas and going into this weekend I was hoping she would as well.


A cocktail with a habanero as garnish and a beautiful woman. That makes it a good night.

She did. We had a great time. We did all my favorite Vegas things. I taught her how to play craps, she played roulette at the Bellagio, we ate at some great restaurants and saw all the sights.

One of the highlights of the trip was definitely Cirque Du Soleil’s LoveWe are both big Beatles fans. I think they are the best band of all time, Lindsey grew up with them, and we played them at our wedding. The Beatles are a huge part of our life.

So, when Lindsey said she wanted to go to a show in Vegas, the decision was really easy. We got tickets for the show weeks ago and we got very excited for it. In all my trips to Vegas I never went to a show, but I was really looking forward to this.

It was unbelievable. Every aspect of the show was unreal. The skill of the acrobats was literally awe-inspiring. The clowns (totally the wrong impression if you’ve never seen Cirque Du Soleil, but technically the leads are part of the French circus tradition) were great, really great. This art form is impressive both in its ability to tell a story through unbelievable athletic performances. But as a Beatles fan, I was most impressed with the music. The knowledge of and reverence for their music was evident from the very beginning. It was a fantastic time.

Last night we went to a gastropub for dinner and then spent some time playing. Lindsey really enjoyed playing dice, and was quite the roller. She made some friends at the table. 🙂

We went to bed late each night (in strong contradiction to Lindsey’s natural inclination) and we’re paying for it now. We’re not crazy party people, so we weren’t at any of the mega-nightclubs or ultra-lounges. Oh, I offered (against my natural inclinations) to do so, but she wasn’t interested. Even so, we found plenty of things to do and still stay out of trouble.

We’re home now and we’re tired. The trip was awesome, but it had nothing to do with the location. It wasn’t the food, the gambling or the change of scenery. It was the time together.

The longer we are married the more I realize that time together is the foundation of our marriage. It is so important for us to have time with no distractions, no obligations and no one else. It’s fun to do cool stuff. It’s great to watch her get dressed up, and I love the chance to sit down and really talk over dinner. When we can block off a weekend and do nothing but those things, well that’s exactly what we need most.