A hurting dog

20121025-203604.jpgWell, in the middle of a full morning we had a bit of excitement. I was taking Lola outside, and as she was going down the stairs I heard a yelp.

Lola doesn’t make a sound. In all the time I’ve owned her she has only barked once, yelped a handful of times, and hardly ever whines. So when I heard that yelp, I knew something was wrong. She took off before I could catch up with her, and she stood by the door looking normal. I put the leash on her, and opened the door. The minute she stepped outside I could tell something was off, when she didn’t go to the bathroom after bugging me I was worried. I got down on my knees and checked her over. Every thing looked okay until I got to one of her front paws, and noticed blood.

I kind of freaked out. I wasn’t hysterical or anything, I just realized I had no idea what to do to treat it. I picked her up, carried her to the bathroom. I looked her foot over and realized her dew claw had broken right at the base, but was still attached. I tried to bandage it, but I didn’t have anything that worked on a dog’s paw. I found a big square band-aid, wrestled her into submission and managed to get the wound covered. I called the vet, and headed out the door.

She’s fine now. She had to be sedated and she’s got a nice purple bandage for the next several days. She also has a nice collection of pain pills, so she’s going to be nice and comfy.

Honestly, I hated seeing my dog hurt. But it made me think, what is it like for a parent to see their kid hurt? I don’t think I can imagine it, and I don’t really want to. Kids aren’t in the plans yet, but they will be one day and I can already see how much we will love them. I’m looking forward to it.