A wonderful picture of marriage

This is the third part of our series about our experience in pre-marital counseling. We’ve learned that you need to plan for the marriage at least as much as you plan for the wedding, and in this series we will explore what that means. 

Series: Introduction | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

During our pre-martial counseling Lindsey and I were assigned to read portions of John Piper’s This Momentary Marriage. This was an unbelievably helpful assignment that helped prepare us for marriage and its true purpose. As we read through those chapters we had an ongoing conversation about the truth of his observations and writing. It impacted us deeply and still does.

Every married or engaged person needs to read this book. It explores the depth and meaning of marriage, the purpose God set forth for marriage, and an approach to a gospel-centered marriage. I can honestly say that we cannot possibly recommend it enough.

The video below was released today by Piper’s ministry, and it is a great encapsulation of what we saw in that book. It’s only a few minutes, but it is challenging and full of truth. It shows a sweet couple in a tough position who draw their strength from the purpose of marriage and the Creator of it. I encourage you to take the time to watch it, and to buy and read the book.