Back in Austin

This weekend we took a quick trip up to Tulsa for a wedding. It was a really fun time because some of our church friends from Austin went as well, and we got to see my parents. We had a good time.

As Lindsey wrote about Friday, we had a pretty good argument in the car on the way up. Actually, good describes it in two ways. It was a pretty big fight (as ours go), and it led to a really good conversation. In the end I was actually glad it happened, it was helpful.

But the car ride today was the opposite. It was a nice drive back. There was no traffic, we split time driving, and Lindsey was even able to grab some much needed shut eye.

So here we are, back in Austin and ready for the week. Lindsey has Monday off, but I don’t. We have a long list of things we want to get to, and a few things we have to. Oh, and we need a date night. That’s pretty high up on the list.

A reminder

Tonight Lindsey and I went to the wedding of a good friends of mine from work. I have known my friend Mike and his brother Charlie for almost 10 years, having worked with them all the way back to my days supporting Being there to see Mike get married was really a blessing, and a good reminder that a bunch of people who started out as colleagues have become important friends over the years.

Tonight was also a reminder for Lindsey and I of our wedding, and our vows. It’s really interesting to go to a wedding as a married couple. I used to go to weddings, and honestly, not understand them. I mean, I understood the importance, the meaning, and the certainly the purpose, but I don’t think I really got it. I think now I do, and I think in 10, 20, or 30 years I will get it even more.

There is something great about looking back at our wedding. Comparing where we are to where we were is humbling, as we now understand what we were signing up for. It’s also romantic, as we are reminded of what that day was like.

In this way, I was reminded about the effects of a wedding on a community. The chance to gather, celebrate, and bless a couple is an important communal activity. But, it also serves an important purpose for the guests. For the married couples, it serves as a reminder of their vows, and an encouragement to continue growing in their own relationship. For the unmarried it can serve as a reminder of what’s ahead, a pointer to their own marriage one day. Sure, these two things are not always in the minds of guests, but I think it’s pretty that marriage serves this function in our society and history.

So, tonight Lindsey and I hung out with friends, celebrated a new marriage, and reflected on our own. It’s not a bad way to spend a Saturday night, especially with the hot blonde I had on my arm.