Facebook is full of 30 Days of Thanks posts. Same with Twitter. I think every blog I read had some sort of “I’m thank for…” list posted today. Writing about our blessings and the gratitude they generate is unavoidable on this day, but I hope to take this in a slightly different direction.

I’m thankful for the hard stuff in life. Honestly, I am. Marriage has been hard, and by all accounts it always will be. People don’t believe us when we say this, but we don’t fight. We don’t argue much either, and when we do it ends well. But that does not mean it’s been easy.

It’s been hard learning to be a faithful husband. The Bible tells us that men are to “love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” That’s a high bar. I think we can all agree, even our readers who don’t agree with us religiously, that loving someone enough to die for them, to literally give yourself up, is an incredibly lofty goal. It’s a goal I fail at on a daily basis. Every day I make decisions that put myself ahead of her. Every day I accept my passive instincts. I choose my comfort over her good. I do the opposite of what I should, I love myself more than I love her. Yet, I am thankful for those failures. Every single one of them.

I’m thankful because God gave me a wife who knows what it means to fail, a wife who has been forgiven herself, a wife who loves me. In her love, she forgives me for my failures. In that forgiveness I can see an image of the forgiveness I have been given for all of my mistakes.

We’ll be the first to admit, this is not always the easiest or automatic process. We get mad at each other, and sometimes the mercy takes a while to show, but in the end it is always there.

That is what I am thankful for this year, I am thankful for a wife who shows me the grace of God everyday. Because that is when I need it.

On the mend

If you saw Lindsey’s post yesterday you already know that I have been sick and that our dog is too. I read her post this morning and laughed about it quite a bit. She certainly has it right, I am a terrible patient. She is a great nurse though, and that helps immensely.

Lola is better, and I think she will be able to get her bandage off soon. She still limps around a bit, and it just breaks my heart.

I slept most of the day, and spent a small bit of time reading. Honestly, I still felt terrible. I don’t know if it is a cold, or flu, or what, but it was bad. A day of meds and sleep helped though, and by the time Lindsey got home I was out of bed and moving around. I was feeling a bit stir crazy being in the house so much over the last few days and I had to get out. Lindsey invited our friend Laura for dinner, and I was able to go get some takeout and join them for a bit.

I’ve been studying for the mid-term for my Men’s Development class for a few hours and I am about done. Bed and sleep are calling my name. I think I’m going to grab a book and head that way.